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Annette Bower

About The Author

Contemporary, 2020 RAVEN award winner for Ponytails and Promises. Contemporary, 2017 RAVEN Award winner and RONE First Runner UP for Fearless Destiny. Author, Annette Bower writes stories about women, it is called romance, and it is called women's fiction. Sometimes the stories are short and sometimes they are novel length.

Her stories have been described as "powerful," "journey of self-discovery," "sweet," "humorous," and more.

Annette Bower believes there is a love story for everyone. She travels extensively, but always returns home to Regina, Saskatchewan. Her experiences as a wife, mom, nurse, administrator, town councillor, teachers' assistant, and student inform her stories and reflect many readers' experiences.

Annette walks, bicycles, or ice skates in communities gathering inspiration for her stories about women and men in love, searching for love, or lost without love. Be forewarned, your t shirt, or your particular way of sitting, or talking, or touching may appear in one of her stories.

She likes to hear stories about couples meeting and observes what keeps them together.

Her stories are read around the world and have been shortlisted on many national and international stages.

Annette Bower


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Books by the Author

Oranges for Miranda
Ponytails and Promises
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