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Morgen of Avalon: Child of Destiny Book 2

Morgen of Avalon: Child of Destiny Book 2


Carol Weakland



Publish Date

June 16, 2013

Short Description

Britannia is at long last a peaceful nation thanks not only to Arthur’s successful military campaign, but also his clever negotiations with Cedric, the Saxon King. Unfortunately, the price for this long awaited freedom is steep. Arthur offers Morgen’s daughter, Eliana, as a future bride for Cynric, the Saxon Prince. Hpw will Morgen answer this injustice? Certainly her daughter deserves the chance to be loved! Magic and romance abounds as the Morgen of Avalon series offers up a nod to "The Lady of Shallott."




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Few people know that Morgen's daughter, Eliana, Child of Destiny, suffers from a curse evoked by the lascivious Morgause, and that her life speeds well in advance of a normal pace. Desperate to safeguard the child from everyone who threatens her existence, Morgen spirits Eliana into an enchanted tower that hides its ever changing face from the world of mankind. There Eliana finds herself cut off from human interaction, witnessing life through the medium of a magical mirror until a dashing knight captures her attention and she longs for more. Will Eliana linger forgotten and alone? Somehow Morgen must lift the curse, even if it means pitting herself against Morgause and the forces of darkness. What of the love that blossoms between the High King and Faerie Queen -- despite their grievances? Will it finally reveal the wealth of their forgotten past?

When King Cedric and his son arrive at court, Morgen is forced to make a dreadful choice. Can she support Arthur's peace treaty; allow him to join Eliana and Cynric in marriage? Or will she offer Eliana the chance to experience true love, even if it means she must sacrifice herself in the process?

Set amidst the wonders of King Arthur’s Camelot, Child of Destiny, is the second installment in author Carol Weakland’s romantic fantasy series, Morgen of Avalon. Secrets are revealed in this magical utopia that boasts dragons, faeries, the legendary court of miracles, not to mention the long awaited return of Merlin and a re-imagining of Alfred Lord Tennyson's "The Lady of Shallott."

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Carol Weakland

Carol Weakland


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