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Carol Weakland

About The Author

Carol Weakland is a Best-Selling, Award-Winning author who lives in a fairytale cabin filled with Fairies, Dragons and Unicorns. She loves everything about Magic. She is also an actress. At the tendet age of four she was "discovered" performing in a neighborhood grocery store. A customer asked, What are you?" Carol responded with great enthusiasm, "A grape!" Since then, she has graduated from grocery stores to performing in stage, film and audio book productions.


Writing has always been a part of Carol's life. In fact, she began her writing career at a very young age. Carol won her first book award in the 3rd grade and has been writing and storytelling ever since. Her book, SECRETS OF THE FLOWER FAIRIES, won the silver medal COVR award for Best Children's Book in 2019. It is part of THE MAGICAL BEINGS' series, along with her newest offering, THE DRAGON'S BREATH BOOK. She is also the author of the Romantic Fantasy series: MORGEN OF AVALON and the Young Adult Angel Fantasy, LAND OF THE TWILIGHT MIST.


Carol shares her life with two cats; King Arthur and Phoebe.


Check out Carol's website. She gives books away for FREE!

Carol Weakland


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Short Stories by the Author

A Day in the Life of Lady Locksley

A Day in the Life of Lady Locksley

“Robin, you cannot be serious!”
“Trust me, Marian!”
Those famous last words echo through my mind as my body slips from its highly camouflaged position in an obliging oak tree and falls onto the back of a horse that is already saddled with a wounded child: Ty. A sigh escapes my lips. This young lad gets himself into more trouble than anyone I know - save Robin.

No Short Stories by the Author

Books by the Author

Morgen of Avalon: Child of Destiny Book 2
The Adventures of Maid Marian: Healer of Sherwood Forest
The Dragon's Breath Book
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