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Legends of the Gem

Legends of the Gem


J.D. Cunegan


Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller

Publish Date

January 16, 2019

Short Description

The Gem of Notna has plenty of stories to tell...if you live long enough to hear them.


The Winner

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Millions of years ago, the Gem of Notna was created. A race renowned for its peace birthed the ultimate weapon—and it paid the ultimate price.


Eons have passed. The gem found its way to Earth, leaving a path of bloodshed and destruction in its wake. From ancient Greece to the Vatican through the Civil War to more recent events that saw the gem tucked away in a little-known tomb in the Amazon, there is no shortage of legends related to the Gem of Notna.


Building on the mythology established in Notna, Legends of the Gem takes readers on a journey through time, both in and out of this world. After all, the Gem of Notna has plenty of stories to tell…if you live long enough to hear them.

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J.D. Cunegan

J.D. Cunegan


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