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Immortal Heat

Immortal Heat

Guardians of Dacia Series


Loni Lynne


Fiction, Fantasy, Mythological, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance

Publish Date

October 6, 2014

Short Description

Life is stranger than fiction and Marilyn Reddlin is about to find out that her life is suddenly a dark fairy tale where the dragon just may be the only real hero.


The Winner

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Marilyn Reddlin, can't wait to begin her new life in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Working with Aiden Vamier, the foremost expert in ancient Dacian History and folklore is a dream come true. She's barely in the country though when a dark stranger warns her to go back to America before it's too late. Too late for what? She has no intention of listening, no matter how intoxicating his voice is or how sexy he looks in black leather--until she's attacked in the airport by a group of vampires.

His only task? Get Marilyn Reddlin to leave Romania. Easy day! A favor to an old friend for saving his life over a thousand years ago, Draylon Conier didn't bargain on protecting her from Aiden Vamier's blood-sucking fiends! This should have been a simple task for the last of the Zmeu dragon-shifters. He could handle one woman. Never had a problem getting them to break a bit. Marilyn Reddlin didn't want to bend, much less break and she let him know. Stubborn woman!

What's so special about her anyway that has both immortal clans playing cloak and dagger? He'll take her to the portal of Dacia, where Rick Delvante and the rest of his immortal clan can keep her safe. If he can. Marilyn Reddlin is the first woman he's met in over a thousand years he can't control, physically or mentally. She's stubborn, independent, beautiful and gods help him, impossible to resist.

Marilyn has just entered a world of danger and secrets based on ancient folklore and legend. Draylon is set to protect her from the powers that be and worse yet, her finding out what he really is. There is no way he will let her be destroyed by Immortal Heat.

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Loni Lynne

Loni Lynne


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