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Loni Lynne

About The Author

Believe in Fate! Not just her motto, it's Loni Lynne's way of life.

How else could a simple girl born in a small town in central Michigan find herself in western Maryland writing paranormal romance books about Historical (fiction of course) ghosts and shape-shifting immortals from pre-Romanian folklore? It had to be fate.

It might have had something to do with moving every 18 months as a child (oil field brat--not military) or joining the United States Navy when she graduated high school and was sent to Annapolis, Maryland for her first duty station. Or meeting her Annapolitan, Army husband and eventually moving to western Maryland after four years of military honeymooning in Hawaii. had to be fate and too many yellow legal pads of half written stories. Whatever it is, Loni Lynne still decides to let fate guide her, her characters and their stories into the hearts of her readers. Because, sometimes you just gotta 'Believe in Fate'.

Loni Lynne


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Short Stories by the Author

Hearing Ghosts

Hearing Ghosts

Hard to believe she’d finally done it. The struggles of six years of a degree in elementary education with her focus on special education, on top of another two years of receiving her Maryland Certification in American Sign Language...

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Books by the Author

Distilled Spirits
Immortal Heat
Wanted: One Ghost
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