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Gunny Mac Private Detective

Gunny Mac Private Detective

Trouble in Chinatown


Steven G. Walker


Fiction, Police / Detective

Publish Date

October 21, 2020

Short Description

After the battle of Guadalcanal, four wounded veterans face medical discharges in Hawaii in 1942. While recovering from their wounds, they become private detectives. Through an unlikely confluence of events, they meet and get involved in a heist involving millions of dollars in the sewer that is Chinatown.


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A unique heist set in Hawaii during World war II!" Thriller Magazine Interview


It is 1942, and the First Marine Division is fighting for its survival on Guadalcanal.


President Roosevelt orders all the money burned in Hawaii collected, destroyed, and replaced by money with Hawaii written across the back of each bill. Funny money that the Japs can't use if they invade the Hawaiian Islands.


Millions of dollars collected and some of the money is about to be taken by anyone who is somebody.


Lt. Commander Kincaid, a drunk, thief, and gambler is in charge of destroying the money, has his own plans on what to do with some of the money,


But one man is standing in the way; a bayoneted, shot-up Navy Cross winner, hero of Bloody Ridge...a man who hates what he has been forced to become...a civilian. Awaiting a medical discharge, Gunny Mac is lost without his Marine Corps. He buys a two-dollar book on how to be a private eye...and Chinatown will never be the same.


But sometimes you have to throw the book away....


But he is not alone. His fellow wounded Marines at the naval hospital can't fight the Japs, still have lots of fight left in them.


Mac's best friend, Gunny Wojohowitz, needs Mac to help him track down the one man he needs to kill....


Padre McCaffery, a fighting, whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking Jesuit priest, winner of the Navy Cross, recruits Marines from the psych unit to ensure Mac stays safe with hilarious results....


LT. Burke, a Naval Officer...a wealthy, spoiled Harvard graduate who is sent to the Marine Corps as an Artillery Forward Observer as punishment, seeks forgiveness and redemption and drags Mac deeper into the corruption of Chinatown.


They shed their blood and human psyche, but they face one more battle for their country and friends. One last last victory!





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Steven G. Walker

Steven G. Walker


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