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Steven G. Walker

About The Author

I pattern my writing style after Raymond Chandler, Dashiel Hammett, Stephen Hunter, and Nelson DeMille. I write hard-boiled noir detective fiction. My series Gunny Mac Private Detective is for the reader who enjoyed The Best Years of Our Lives; It's a Wonderful Life, and films like Casablanca. It has characters along the lines of Sam Spade and Mickey Spillane. Men who live by a code and live hard but with honor.


I served two decades in the Infantry, and because of that, I traveled the world-as the Marine Corp says-every clime and place! My writing always incorporates good people striving to make it through all the harmful elements of life. And yes, two of my main heroes are a Jesuit priest and a Labrador Retriever. I love my priests, and I love my dogs. My characters are hard-bitten, no pun intended, but fight for all the right reasons.


I write for readers...I write for them to, I enjoyed that book and can't wait for the next one to come out. Well, the next one is coming out in early 2022—Gunny Mac Private Detective Trouble in Cleveland.


I grew up in Cleveland, among the Slovaks, the Pollocks, and the Italians. Let's say we had a lot of diversified fighting. Cleveland will always be my hometown.


Now I live in Central Ohio on five acres of heaven with my beautiful wife and two border Collies smarter than me, Molly and Beauregard Pierre Townsend Walker. If you know of an excellent reform school for a juvenile delinquent dog, let me know because he's spending some time there! LOL!


When I'm not writing, I'm gardening, exercising, shooting guns, or having a beer with the boys, I thank God for every day of my life.







Steven G. Walker


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