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The Final Project


Stephen Goldhahn


Science Fiction, Historical, Fiction, Mystery

Publish Date

January 31, 2016

Short Description

A south Jersey (Haddonfield) bio-engineer investigates a mysterious mental illness that besets his business partner following a weekend fishing trip to Greenwich, Cumberland County, NJ. It becomes a race with time to lift "the curse” that has rendered present-day Greenwich a virtual ghost town.


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Greenwich: The Final Project is a historical, science fiction time-travel mystery set against the backdrop of fast-moving events leading up to the Greenwich Tea Burning of December 22, 1774, on the eve of the American Revolution. It is largely a tale of two small South Jersey towns: Greenwich, Cumberland County; and Haddonfield, Camden County, both then and now. The narrative follows two parallel storylines over the same six-month period leading up to the events of December 22nd: one set in colonial New Jersey, 1774; the other in modern-day Jersey, 1999.


It is 1999, and our modern-day hero, John Samuel Weston, owner of a small biotech engineering firm in Haddonfield, NJ, is driven to investigate when his good friend and business partner, Bob Fenwick, falls ill following a fishing trip to the bay shore community of Greenwich, Cumberland County, NJ. What he finds takes him on an unexpected journey into turmoil and madness, resurrecting ghosts and shadows from John’s personal and family past—and New Jersey’s colonial past as well! Greenwich is a mixed genre story of love and passion, a quest for answers that takes the reader to a time and place where the lines between science and the supernatural are blurred, and things are not always as they seem. It is a tale of family lines past and present and genetic engineering gone awry and the supernatural, as John embarks on a mission of time travel to “lift the curse” that has rendered present-day Greenwich a virtual ghost town.

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Stephen Goldhahn

Stephen Goldhahn


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