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Stephen Goldhahn

About The Author

Author, part-time musician/singer-songwriter, history buff, and retired engineer.


A process engineer by profession, Stephen spent the major portion of his career consulting for the food and biopharmaceutical industries and holds several patents in food processing. While honing his professional technical writing skills, Stephen was able to tap into his artistic side over the years as a singer-songwriter and musician. In the eighties, he helped to establish an original rock band and, together with his brother, formed an independent record label to record and promote their music. His appetite for creative writing evolved largely from his songwriting experience.


Greenwich: The Final Project offered Stephen the perfect opportunity to combine his love of history and writing with his career experience in the biotech consulting field. His desire to bridge the gap between his two brain hemispheres climaxed in the summer of 2007 when he launched this writing project at the urging of his wife, Janet, following their off-the-beaten-path day trip to the quaint, historic town of Greenwich, Cumberland County, NJ.


Now retired from the consulting business, Stephen plans to spend more time on his other interests—storytelling, exploring history, and taking more “off-the-beaten-path” trips with Janet.

Stephen Goldhahn


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