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Flat Earth

Flat Earth

Flat Earth Book One


Brent Golembiewski


Fiction, Science Fiction, Action and Adventure, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

May 19, 2020

Short Description

James' simple farm life is about to be uprooted, thrusting him into an adventure of a lifetime. In an unbelievable futuristic world he'll meet new friends, technologically advanced weapons, and learn he’s the only hope to rescue the world from complete destruction.


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Follow the rules or question them, James must decide.

One night filled with mystery and meteors will change the life of a small town farm boy who never dreamed of what lie beyond…the wall.

To the west lies the wall, a gargantuan metal manifestation that runs as far as the eye can see. They’ve been taught that it was built for their protection. Not to approach it. Not to ask questions.

James spent all 18 years of his life in the shadow of the wall, never even traveling beyond the county lines. It was forbidden. He went to high school, hung out with his friends and his long-time girlfriend, Carol.

He played baseball and never questioned their small-town mid-twentieth century existence. Until a shiny, chrome-like object fell from the sky between the wall and his family’s wheat farm setting him on the path to a whirlwind adventure.

One where he’ll have to fight for Earth’s very existence and the girl he loves.

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Brent Golembiewski

Brent Golembiewski


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