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Brent Golembiewski

About The Author

Brent Golembiewski is a U. S. Air Force veteran with 20+ years of service.  He started his career as an enlisted troop, working as an Electronic Warfare Technician, and completed it as an officer, never working a day as a Helicopter Evaluator Pilot, flying the mighty UH-1N “Huey”.  After retiring from the USAF, he began Valkyrie Air, providing aircraft charter operations for people who find value in time.  He met the love of his life in the second-worst place he’d ever been stationed and she’s still on active duty.  Together they have two boys (the terrible Ts)a giant Yetti and a miniature ThunderCat.

Brent Golembiewski


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Short Stories by the Author

Brent Golembiewski's Short Story

Brent Golembiewski's Short Story

The wind howled, green foliage above me shuddering in the onslaught. Morning light illuminated the sky, heat radiating from the small semi-circle peeking over the green canopy. The sounds of metal gears grinding one another, interlocking with little room to spare, rattled overhead. The distinct sound of rescue, a whoomp whoomp, echoed above the other noises. My senses adept at picking up the noise. Noise that spelled salvation for the solider in my arms.

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Books by the Author

Flat Earth
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