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A Search for Home


Michael J. Krym


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Publish Date

March 13, 2013

Short Description

A young girl named Harmonia takes a trip across the stars in search of the family and home she has always longed for. Joined by the infamous sky captain, Jessie, and her misfit crew, Harmonia will first have to make it rhough a broken planets, pirates, and a maniacal general named bent on dragging her back.


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Harmonia is not your average fourteen-year-old girl growing up on Sky. With no grown-ups around to take care of them, the other kids simply spend their days drinking Silly Juice while playing meaningless games without a care in the world. But unlike them, she has never felt like she has truly belonged. It is not until Harmonia discovers a secret like none other that her life changes forever. For on the far side of the sun sits a planet like none other, a place called Eidos.


Joined by runaways from Sky, along with the infamous Captain Jessi and her makeshift crew, they set off across the endless seas of space. Before they can reach Eidos, a long journey awaits young Harmonia and her friends. Between a broken planet, a maniacal woman bent on bringing them back, and the sheer boredom, they have a long journey ahead of them. But in the end, Harmonia just might find a place she can finally call home.

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Michael J. Krym

Michael J. Krym


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