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Defender of Vosj

Defender of Vosj

an epic fantasy adventure (Vol 1 of Defenders of Vosj)


Kevin P Hallett



Publish Date

September 13, 2022

Short Description

Throughout history, there has never been a woman wizard before teenage Brodia. Her father only wants money from her marriage contract, finally selling her into slavery. But the dreaded Bone Crusher, the grand wizard of the realm, buys Brodia as his assistant. And when the wizard discovers her power, he realizes the medieval planet may never be the same again.


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The northern wizard prepares to invade the realm, and Preem the Bone Crusher needs two things to have any chance. An apprentice and the master wizard’s stone hidden in the Barrens. But when he finds a boy with the latent ability, he discovers he is actually a farmgirl named Brodia, and the king has forbidden women wizards. Deciding to test her, he sets off for the Barrens and the master d’dec that has killed every other wizard trying to claim it as their own.

As they trudge across the farmlands and dark forests, an apprentice of the northern wizard stalks them. A psychopathic killer, he dreams of watching Brodia’s eyes fade as he strangles her.

Join Brodia’s fight in a world that outlaws strong-minded women.

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Kevin P Hallett

Kevin P Hallett


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