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Building The Beast

Building The Beast

How (Not) To Build An Overland Camper


Jacqueline Lambert


Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir, Crafts / Hobbies, Humor, Travel, Sport and Leisure

Publish Date

April 26, 2024

Short Description

The comic memoir of a crazy idea - a couple buy a 24.5-tonne army truck blind off the internet to convert into a unique off-grid tiny home on wheels. The plan - to drive to Mongolia.


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Featuring ‘The Beast’, an expedition truck, as seen on TV*

A Vintage Truck: An Amateur Team: An Immovable Deadline

The Comic Memoir of a Crazy Idea


In this captivating true tale, join an intrepid married couple as they take another wild leap into the world of nomadic living.


Jackie and Mark gave up work to embark on a permanent road trip with four dogs.


However, one Friday the 13th, forces beyond their control cause them to throw caution to the wind and buy a 30-year-old army truck sight unseen from the internet.


Their goal: to create an expedition truck fit to drive overland to Mongolia.


Follow them as they dive headfirst into the daunting but thrilling task of converting this rugged vehicle into a perfect off-grid tiny house on wheels.


Yet their first ever DIY van conversion proves to be a rollercoaster ride, when they sell their house to fund the build, and Friday the 13th comes back to haunt them.


Is their confidence that, ‘there’s always a solution,’ misplaced?


With their relationship, sanity, and finances on the line, can they navigate the pitfalls of their first-ever build and avoid becoming homeless?


Filled with quirky van life friends and unexpected twists, this is an inspiring tale of perseverance, friendship, and finding the courage to conquer the challenges that face those who dare to chase their dreams.


* The Beast made a guest appearance on Ben Fogle’s New Lives In The Wild

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Jacqueline Lambert

Jacqueline Lambert


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