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Angelic Wars

Angelic Wars

First Rebellion


Rick E Norris


Fiction, Fantasy

Publish Date

November 21, 2019

Short Description

Have you ever wondered how evil began? Or why God gave angels the free will to reject Him? The Angelic Wars, First Rebellion is a musical novel where the book’s characters sing when the reader activates links in the book. It is the epic story of the internal struggles and external battles among the angels for the control of Heaven during Satan’s rebellion. This first book in a series is unlike any other action-adventure fantasy because its setting is in Heaven and guided by Biblical passages. Azarias and six other angels are commissioned as the Septemviri by God’s guardian cherub to seek out and conquer a rebellion. They are commanded to offer the rebellious ones the choice of mercy or spiritual warfare. Little do they know that they are up against the most powerful angel of all, Satan and his army consisting of a third of Heaven’s population.


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The Winner

Book's Awards


* 2nd Place 2020 Catholic Novels from the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada * Bronze medalist 2020 elit Awards

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Rick E Norris

Rick E Norris


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