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A Place Called Grace

A Place Called Grace


Fran Driscoll


Romance, Suspense, Fiction

Publish Date

March 1, 2016

Short Description

To say that Leah McPhillen is unlucky in love would be an understatement. Every man she has ever loved has suddenly left her without explanation. When she finally meets a man who piques her interest, the date is interrupted by a horrendous crash, and Leah's father, Officer Liam "Phil" McPhillen, is blamed for it since he was the officer in pursuit of the stolen truck. After rescuing her little cousin Sheanna from her abusive step-father, Leah McPhillen has made a lethal enemy. She's about to find love, danger and intrigue in the little town of Ocean Shores, Mississippi.


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Sheanna knew she wasn't supposed to get out of bed, but her stomach was twisted in painful knots. She had to find something to eat, even if it meant taking a beating from Cullen. She waved the flies away from her face and silently rolled to the floor, listening for the sound of his stomping steps.

The moon shown brightly through the tattered towel that was their curtain, and Sheanna tiptoed across the tiny room to the refrigerator. She opened it gingerly. No light. No outline of a jar of jelly or even a ketchup packet. Nothing.

"Granny has food," a voice whispered in her head. "She's only three blocks away."

Her eyes darted to the window that Cullen had forgotten to nail shut and she made her decision. Beating or no, she was going to Granny's.

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Fran Driscoll

Fran Driscoll


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