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A Most Mutual Bond

A Most Mutual Bond

A Novella


Norman Luce


Fiction, Erotic

Publish Date

December 22, 2020

Short Description

A young college couple build a loving bond through a sharred passion and a desire to help overcome bad memories.


The Winner

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Sarah, a bright and beautiful young girl, is enjoying her sophmore year at Portland State as a theater major. Things take a strange yet exciting turn when she meets a young and attractive man named Kyle, a journalism major who enjoys occasionally performing on stage. After the two of them are cast in a show together, their chemistry grows even off stage. However, they both have a secret that keeps them from opening up completely. Sarah is fascinated with a particular fetish and wants to share it with Kyle, but is unsure if he can be trusted with her secret. Even further complicating matters is Kyle's nightmares from a traumatic event in his past, causing Kyle to distance himself far too much. Will Sarah and Kyle find a way to open up and help each other, or will they merely part as troubled friends?

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Norman Luce

Norman Luce


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