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Norman Luce

About The Author

I am a trained theater actor, self-trained filmmaker, and coffee enthusiet. I took up fiction writing during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have many stories I've longed to tell, and I am finally in the process of making it happen.

Norman Luce


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Short Stories by the Author

Astro Cab

Astro Cab

"I hate space!" I thought that to myself at least once a day during my days as an Astro-Cab driver. Sure, the idea of driving through the galaxy, meeting new people, and seeing all kinds of celestial wonders sounded like fun on paper, but that's only for those who get to drive in the better parts of the Milky Way. Me, I was stuck in the Tenderloin—the armpit of the universe. After a few years, I learned one thing: this galaxy is full of crazies!

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Books by the Author

A Most Mutual Bond
Come See The Light
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