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Vinnie Apicella

About The Author

Vinnie Apicella is an entrepreneur, consultant, teacher, and writer. His writing career began by drafting press releases for multimedia companies, later producing financial articles for Forbes, travel reviews, and marketing content. In all, he’s been writing professionally for over 30 years.


A Columbia graduate originally from New York, several years later Vinnie relocated to Beijing, China to reinvent himself and pursue new opportunities for business.


Today, Vinnie is founder and CEO of the China-based startup Shanghai EDGE Consulting, which assists clients to maximize their abilities and realize their full academic and career potential. In 2020, after more than a decade of preparing, he entered the realm of the “authorpreneur” with his new book, Escape from America.


With his inaugural, and perhaps only formal authorial work, he poured several years of experience, insight, and lessons-learned into its pages. Escape from America is meant to promote mutual understanding between our nations, make a positive impact on society, and inspire others to improve their lives and pursue their passions.

Vinnie Apicella


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