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SJ Wilke

About The Author

Creating stories that make you lose time, fall into another place, and leave reality.


SJ WIlke is a prolific wordsmith and imaginative story teller with over 18 books under her belt. She hides out along one of the Great Lakes, weaving her stories. Her career spans Psychology and Information Technology giving her insight into the world and how to create her own.

SJ Wilke


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Short Stories by the Author

No Short Stories by the Author

Books by the Author

The Spotted Tail Book 1
Sleeping On The Glass Ceiling
Bantering With A Dandy Book 3
Bitten Kitten Book 4
Crossing In A Heartbeat
Seroje: The Seeing Eye
Banterwith With A Gun Book 2
Bitten Babe Book 3
Alpha Yin And Yang
A String Of Murder
Bantering With Murder Book 1
Bitten Again Book 2
Tempering A Dragon
Bantering With Herself Book 4
Bitten Sisters Book 5
Bitten Book 1
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