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Samantha Arthurs

About The Author

I have been telling stories fory m entire life. No, really. In kindergarten I won the best story teller award, and one can only imagine what those tall tales were like. Ask me sometime about The Magic Pencil, one of the first stories I ever put down on paper and that I still likes to pull out for a laugh now and then. It’s unintentionally hilarious, truly.

While pursuing my degree in Administration of Justice I finished her first full length novel, Endless Numbered Days, which was published by Martin Sister’s Publishing in 2014. I have since published the Rust series, comprised of four young adult fiction novels. I'm currently set to release my sixth novel, a dystopian pancdemic novel called Transmission in September of 2021.

Besides writing I'm an avid reader and book reviewer, a National Parks enthusiast, and frequent traveler. I have three fur babies that take up 90% of my time: a 100+ pound German Shepherd lovingly named Ronan Lynch after ym favorite literary character, a beagle named Lord Vader (a girl) after my all time favorite baddie, and a cat named Kitty Russell after the iconic Gunsmoke saloon owner. I love music, going to the movies, D&D, and anything involving horror.

Samantha Arthurs


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