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Patricia Street

About The Author

I am the author of The Last Stop, written after my young son, David, passed away following a 15-year addiction to heroin. The Last Stop is written from both my and David’s perspectives through letters, stories, and poetry. Addiction changes the addict and those who love the addict. I hope our experiences will help others cope with the nightmare of addiction and find recovery. I live in Virginia with my husband and little terrier, Benji. Last August my son, Bill, blessed me with a beautiful grandson. Here's what others have said about The Last Stop:

“Powerful, Emotional and Inspiring" – Indie Express, Goodreads 5*

“David’s story is a must-read for families dealing with addiction and a window into the tragedy and impact the opioid crisis is having on young people across America” – Kobo 5*

“So well written. A parent and child struggling with drug addiction. So heartfelt yet very informative. Superb reading.” – 5* Frances Oatley, UK

“A harrowing, heartrending story, one which everyone should read in the hope of stopping someone taking the downward spiral of drug abuse.” – 5* Champagnedemon, UK

Patricia Street


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