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Michele Baker

About The Author

At heart, I'm basically a writer. My love of the written word began when I was a little girl, when I used to fold in half and staple together notebook paper to create little books.


As I got older, and attended college and then massage school, it was clear that my written assignments - whether they were essays on Milton or haiku poems for English class, book reports, or even written proofs of Calculus problems - attracted the bulk of my attention. My passion was nurtured in those sentences, those phrases, and each week brought new opportunities to practice my craft.


I've always been an avid reader, too - I believe all writers are. We read to get ideas, to soak up language, to dwell in that deep imagination space where creativity is birthed and grows, building and expanding until it overflows onto the page (or the screen, as the case may be). I am also an avid collector of quotes, both inspirational and educational, and my literary heroes are Ken Carey, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and William Blake.


In my late thirties, I discovered I could hear and talk to Angelic beings, and through the automatic writing in my journal, I began recording extraordinary information about the future of the planet. After a reluctant start, I have now joyfully accepted my assigned task and am thrilled to be spreading these exciting and life-changing messages in "All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One (available now in print, e-book and audiobook formats) and the forthcoming "Attitude of Gratitude: In Service to the Light Book Two!

Michele Baker


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Short Stories by the Author

Excerpt from "All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One"

Excerpt from "All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One"

Thus is it – a transcription of the unique Message of Archangel Michael and the Team as interpreted by and flowing through Vessel [author's note: "Vessel" is what they call Michele Baker]...

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All We Need Is Love
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