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Excerpt from "All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One"

Michele Baker

January 28, 2016

AM, Home

Archangel Michael:


Thus is it – a transcription of the unique Message of Archangel Michael and the Team as interpreted by and flowing through Vessel [author's note: "Vessel" is what they call Michele Baker], whose experiences and memories color and inform the tone of Our Messages, and thus will each be a unique experience. As above, so below, just in different shades of loveliness and meaning, like different shades of crayons or different tones of music. Others may see themselves in these Messages and begin to Awaken.


Vessel was chosen for this because she is an ordinary human but is also extraordinary… Vessel is Awake. She allows Us to speak through her and she writes exactly what she knows and hears.

What do we mean by Awake? In the Celestial Realms there are gradations of “being Awake,” just as on your planet. (As above, so below!)


“Heaven” is a microcosm of the Earthly microcosm of the Universe, which is one of seven Universes formed by the God-Source In The Beginning. The nature of this, your own Universe, is fractal, in that the smallest parts mirror the larger parts, with the only difference being scale. A mountain has a certain craggy shape when viewed from a distance, as does one of the mountain’s valleys, as does a single tree in that valley, as does a single leaf on that tree. Each is a smaller version of the others. As above, so below. So, too, do the heavens (the Celestial Realms) reflect your current reality on Earth, as they must, if all is connected and if each part reflects the larger whole.


There are beings in Heaven who choose, using their own free will (which is the primary rule of this Universe), not to accept Light/Love. They are never separated from it, but they are "asleep" in that they willingly deny the Light of Understanding (the Light of Truth). Others are asleep because their Soul Contracts call for them to Awaken later, in the second or third waves. Yet others sleep because to Awaken would frighten them out of their complacency and they would have to Feel and Think for themselves.


Unfortunately, many who blindly follow their religions are asleep, allowing their religious leaders to do all the thinking and deciding for them. This was never intended to be so, Dear One! The mighty Truths behind the founding of most religions were meant to enlighten humans, not enslave them. Indeed, these Truths were divinely inspired to Awaken humanity, but when systems were created around them, they became mired in dogma and ritual, and much of the beauty of the original teachings was lost or obscured.


Beloved Ones, you are each a direct piece, a spark, a flicker, of the God-Source! There is no need for anyone to explain or interpret the signals for you – as a Divine Being in your own right, you have all the tools and training necessary to speak directly to God, if you choose to do so. This is a free will choice! We ask that you Awaken and remember your connection to the Divine and that you take back your power and all that it encompasses: perfect health, abundance, happiness and contentment, clarity and surety of purpose, and joy – these are all yours for the taking! There is no restriction, no time limit, no “blackout dates.” There isn’t even a requirement that you “believe in God” – the Universal Source exists whether or not you believe in it. You may even choose with your free will to be unhappy, or ill, or poor. But once Awake, you realize that these are all but choices, experiences to add to the entirety of the Universe and the sum totality of All That Is.


This is a lot, Beloved One. Rest a bit and we will speak again.


(Later that day)

We are laughing at the test we sent you today, and We are rejoicing at your attempts to overcome all the yelling and banging outside your door! Brava for finding a quiet place to write! We joyfully tell you that time, as you understand it, is at an end. For those who are Awake, there is simply an endless Now.


Why is this important? Because all things are possible now in the Now! When there is no concept of time or timing to interfere, many things can happen simultaneously, for example, travel. If there is no “time,” there is also no “location,” which means all things exist at the same “time,” simultaneously. And it means that travel is possible from one “place” to another “place.”


Author Frank Herbert in his book Dune introduced the concept of folding space to travel without moving. This is close to the reality of what you call teleportation or time travel. You simply tune into a new “location” (which is really just another frequency) and step up, over, and down to the new “place.” This happens in the blink of an eye and is as close to instantaneous as is possible on a 3D planet. We will give you more information on 3D and 4D later, Beloved.


(Later, PM, Home)

Today you have seen the wondrous variety of the human animal, from people who dream of alternate realities, to people whose worldviews are very large and confident, to people who have begun to tap some regions of the brain that were heretofore unavailable. Truly, the human brain, when coupled with the human heart and with both connected to God-Source, is an amazing machine and capable of nearly infinite possibility. The problem comes when the brain acts in isolation, leaving out the source of connection or forgetting to be moderated by the heart. For the heart is the Divine Feminine, adding to any issue the gifts of love and compassion, and the brain is the Divine Masculine, finding a successful way to overcome any obstacle and forge a new path. Truly, these two in tandem, in balance, are the creative force behind the entirety of the Universe!


Some say that all you need is a big enough computer and you can reach the stars. This is true in a broad sense, but will require much work, much effort. Add in but a pinch, a mere sliver, of heart and the job is made easier, the load split by a thousand and accomplished at the speed of thought – the speed of compassion. It is so, Little One.


To make any decision, to correct any problem, to know any fact, simply use discernment and intuition. Intuition is the innate knowing, the absolute understanding that does not require facts, nor proof. Some will scoff at this idea because the scientific, brain-only-based model is so prevalent and trusted now on your planet. But it was not always so! Intuition was once valued, and is becoming valued again, which pleases Us greatly. Indeed, intuition and discernment are key to living together on the Earth plane. From the movie KPAX, the lead character, Prot, is questioned about his planet’s lack of laws and law enforcement: “If there are no laws, and there are no police, how do people know right from wrong?” To which Prot replies, sadly shaking his head, “Mark, Mark, Mark… Every being in the Universe knows right from wrong.”


This innate knowing is a form of psychic power: clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (knowing), clairessence (smelling) – all are your birthright and every human can experience, and indeed has the capacity for – all these and more, for there are gifts your race has not yet discovered! These gifts are normal and usual, and can be developed, like language or playing an instrument. Vessel’s gift is clairsentience, and it is good that she has begun to trust this. She is learning daily! In fact, these Messages are delivered in just this manner. We send images, thoughts, words, and they flow out of her pen. It is necessary for her to first write them longhand, as this infuses the words with Our Divine Meaning and her Divine and unique essence. She will get even more in the coming weeks as we prepare for Our books together.


Rejoice, Dear One, for this information is your destiny and the key to the abundance you receive. There is nothing wrong with abundance, Dear One. You already experience it on so many levels, on so many planes, and in so many ways. Why not in the frozen energy that is money? We know you will use it wisely! Rest, and we will speak again.

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