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Lynne M. Spreen

About The Author

I wanted to write all my life, but I had a career, husband, and child to put first. Finally, at the tender age of fifty-eight, I published my first novel. Dakota Blues won an award, and I was off and running! I have now published eight books.


I write uplifting novels and short stories about older people, because I’m fascinated by the incredible drama we go through. This is the time of life to make it happen, forge new paths, and reexamine old choices. The clock is ticking, so we’re on fire to make our time count.


We have dreams. We start businesses. We fall in love. We throw the Hail Mary pass, risking everything, just like young people. But we face unique obstacles because of age, whether illness, or grief, or devastating disappointment. Our characters deepen. We might decide to take a stand, change our ways, or make the greatest sacrifice of our lives. And that's what I write about.


To be defiant about age may be better than despair – it’s energizing – but it is not progress. Actually, after fifty, aging can become an exciting new period; it is another country. -- Gloria Steinem

Lynne M. Spreen


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Short Stories by the Author

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Books by the Author

Starting Over in Sedona
Goodbye to the Blues
Middle-Aged Crazy
Key Largo Blues
California Blues
We Did This Once Before
Middle-Aged Crazy
Dakota Blues
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