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Kristen James

About The Author

Welcome to my world of romance! I've loved reading and writing since early childhood, so my stories have evolved over the last few decades, but I've always included some kind of romance in my stories. My published novels have married romance, second chance, new adult romance, and romantic suspense. My latest release is a billionaire romance that will soon be a trilogy, while I have a work-in-progress about music, love, a little magic, and romance involving a famous lead guitarist.


Some of my stories are a bit different, like Talk to Me, where Avery falls for a voice in her head. I like to mix it up and keep things exciting!


I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy including the beauty and unique atmosphere of my area in my writing. I've loved the outdoors my entire life and enjoy camping, hiking, and picking wild berries and mushrooms. My hobbies include hula dancing, painting, beekeeping, and gardening--all close to nature! I'm also a business owner and tattoo artist, and I love to travel.

Kristen James


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Short Stories by the Author

The Interview

The Interview

Breathe in... one two three. Breathe out... one two three.
Nova Elliot closed her eyes as she counted her slow breaths. She stood on the balcony outside her marketing firm’s building...

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Books by the Author

More Than Memories
Point Hope
Talk to Me
The Billionaire Who Bought Me
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