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Jonathan G. Meyer

About The Author

I am a retired commercial electrician with a passion for Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, and Fantasy. I wrote my first SciFi book at the age of sixty, and have continued to add to my list. Reading, Art, and Science have played a major role in my life. My accomplishments include:

Al Clark-Christopher's Journal (Prequel)

Al Clark (Book One)

Al Clark-Avalon (Book Two)

Al Clark-Thera (Book Three)

Al Clark-Earth (Book Four)

Al Clark-Asteroid (Book Five)

Vincent (Alien Contact)

A Curious Orb (Alternative History)

I am currently working on book six of the Al Clark Series.


Jonathan G. Meyer


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Books by the Author

Al Clark-Christopher's Journal
Al Clark-Earth
A Curious Orb
Al Clark-Thera
Al Clark-Avalon
Al Clark-Asteroid
Al Clark (Book One)
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