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Jodi Lea Stewart

About The Author

I am a strange sort of author who writes high-concept novels with a literary pen. The adrenaline starts in my heart, flows into my fingers, and out onto the keys. My central plot theme always involves triumph over adversity. I’m really a born Texan, but part of my childhood was spent on a large cattle ranch in Arizona near the Navajo Nation and the White Mountain Apache Tribe. My pastimes were singing to chickens, climbing giant petroglyph-etched boulders, hanging on for dear life in the back of rattly old pickups driven over terracotta roads so washed out they qualified as mini-Grand Canyons, and riding one of the orneriest horses God ever put on this planet. Many monsoon seasons later, I happily write historical and contemporary novels set in the South, the Southwest, and beyond.

Jodi Lea Stewart


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Books by the Author

Silki, the Girl of Many Scarves: VALLEY OF SHADOWS
Silki, the Girl of Many Scarves: CANYON OF DOOM
Silki, the Girl of Many Scarves: SUMMER OF THE ANCIENT
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