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Silki, the Girl of Many Scarves: VALLEY OF SHADOWS

Silki, the Girl of Many Scarves: VALLEY OF SHADOWS

Book Three


Jodi Lea Stewart


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Contemporary, Mystery, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

July 16, 2022

Short Description

Bummed that yet another summer has passed all too quickly, Silki and her best friend, Birdie, head out for one last hurrah at the Navajo Nation Fair. When the fun is overshadowed y the theft of a famous horse, Silki is plunged into a baffling adventure teeming with international undercurrents and intrigue.


Boy-crazy Birdie is fluttering her eyelashes at Silki's good-looking cousin from Oregon at every turn, and Rez legend Old Man Concho is coughing up secrets dating back to 1942. What connection does he have to the Japanese tourists, and will Silki discover an ancient truth about the Valley of Shadows in time to save Lava, the leader of the Ghost Herd, as well as salvage her own broken heart?


Good, solid storytelling with a great surprise ending. Woven with Navajo language, tradition, and lore, this energetic second book in a three-book series combines mystery, adventure, and lots of action to create a surprisingly great read that will leave readers from adults to tweens wanting more. A glossary in the back of the book promotes understanding of both the Navajo language and the Southwest in general.


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Valley of Shadows is the third book of Jodi Lea Stewart’s Silki, The Girl of Many Scarves series. The protagonist is Silki Begay, a teenager and member of the Navajo Tribe living in the Arizona region of the Navajo Nation. Her adventures in Valley of Shadows include dealing with horse thieves, scaring off a puma, finding a lost child, facing down a rattlesnake, reuniting families, and learning more of the tribal ways of her people. Silki, her horse Smiles, her family, and her friends made me laugh and cry aloud. Stewart’s writing style is evocative and brought back many memories of both my younger years and the five years I spent teaching and administering in the public schools on the Navajo Rez. Valley of Shadows addresses questions most adolescents and teens have and most adults will remember having. Spoiler alert, it has a happy ending. You might join me in reading it more than once! This novel, along with Books One and Two of the Silki series, makes a splendid gift set for any age reader ~ Terry Sanders, former teacher in the Navajo Rez, counselor, martial-arts teacher/professional

Jodi Lea Stewart has written a mesmerizing tale woven with historical and native culture accuracy that educates as well as entertains readers of all ages. Even as an adult, I find Jodi Lea’s stories an adventure-filled joy to read. Clearly, she is one of the best authors around. Why these stories aren't on film yet is beyond me ~ Oscar “Oz” Edwin Dillon, III, Film Actor (Texas Rein), Information Specialist, Equestrian

Building on the first two books in this series, Summer of the Ancient and Canyon of Doom, Valley of Shadows brings the reader deeper into the life, legends, and myths of the People and their Reservation. It’s a great read, as were the first books, with lots of mental pictures being painted by a superb storyteller. Reading the part about Angel the mare, and her adopted foals… well, keep a tissue handy. When I read it, dust mysteriously blew in my eyes! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Hoping this won't be the last we read of Silki; but, if it is, I hope Silki, Birdie, Smiles, and the rest of her family enjoy their lives as much as I have enjoyed reading about them. This, trilogy, might be rated YA, but we older YA's (I'm 65) love it as well ~ Wayne Edgin, Radioman USN ’71-75, Communications Systems Researcher of 19th and 20thCentury, Action-Shooting Competitor, Classic-Irish-Instrument Musician

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Jodi Lea Stewart

Jodi Lea Stewart


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