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Dan Gallagher

About The Author

A Writing Style Shaped by Life-experiences


As the youngest of eight in a Catholic working class family; as a soldier, scholar, family man, advisor and adventurer, Dan developed a vivid, hard-hitting style:


He has trekked volcanoes, deserts, swamps; trudged Appalachian, Arizonan and Venezuelan heights & gorges. He has explored exotic locations like Macau, Hong Kong, the Everglades, Bayous, Mexico’s Baja… even New Jersey! Attacked by a charging bear, Dan killed it at fourteen feet, evaded a northern Canada wolf-pack and an enraged moose. He’s parachuted, been in a knife fight and numerous other life-threatening tangles. Though he’s not seen combat, Dan held command of Mechanized Infantrymen in live-fire assaults, ambushes and defenses in Germany & the US. He has lived in Rhode Island, Alexandria & Williamsburg, VA, and North Carolina.


Other personal experiences inform Dan’s writing style. He knows what faith, race, and age discrimination feel like. He helped reform court-marshalled soldiers, consoled the homeless and took charge in deadly accidents: a C-130 aircraft crash and a 110 mph motorcycle collision. In counseling clients (Dan’s pre-retirement financial & business brokerage work), Dan handled hundreds of millions in transactions. He’s seen what strengthens and dissolves relationships. Dan has experienced spiritual & miraculous phenomena, and investigated those of others. Dan usually pursued simultaneous endeavors (studied Economics, Modern Languages, Finance Math, English, and was a published professional instructor). He’s been a lifelong student of Natural Sciences, Comparative Religion, and Cryptozoology. Dan and wife Laura have been in love for over three decades and treasured raising their four “snit-generating” kids. Several professional and personal tragedies have been profoundly humbling. Yet, through it all, Dan kept sane to help others. He says, “I give psychological counseling to my cat, Watson, who claims to be a sabre-tooth tiger. Watson must think I’m gullible: he never tries to convince others of his delusions.”


Dan is the author of financial & expository nonfiction and quite a bit of humor, but mostly speculative and adventure fiction; no fantasy. He endeavors to give readers vivid sensory and emotional experiences. His bio is at the AuthorDan website. Reader-friends know his “narrative voice” is never flowery, highbrow, wimpy, politically correct, self-important, pedantic, or whiny. He builds suspense, intrigue, curiosity, fascination, fear, compassion, and other intense emotions. He challenges readers to think deeply or to act with conviction. His writing always employs plausibility to help readers suspend disbelief. If you read his humor, do not blame him for spontaneous bladder leaks; nor for nightmares if you read the fact-based novel Ancient of Genes.

Dan Gallagher


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