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C.L. Bauer

About The Author

I live and usually write about my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. My family has owned a wedding and event flower business for years, and all those stories of weddings, brides, and the occasional mishaps are profiled in my two current series, The Lily List Mysteries and Lily List Mystery Exclusives.

My books are in the "cozyish" genre of mysteries, and my main females characters are strong and spunky. They like the occasional glass of wine and need their coffee in the morning. My first novel The Poppy Drop features Kansas City florist Lily Schmidt. She loves her clients, and they love her. Her entire world changes when she accidentally receives drugs in a shipment of flowers. Enter, literally he walks into her shop, handsome and distant DEA agent Devlin Pierce. As the mystery unfolds, there's a few laughs and even a little romance.

My goal is to always entertain the reader. I want you to laugh, maybe shed a few tears, and immerse yourself in a great little story. As always, happy reading!

C.L. Bauer


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