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Amy L. Bovaird

About The Author

Amy L. Bovaird is a vision-impaired best-selling Christian author and speaker.

Ms. Bovaird is the author of the “Mobility Matters Book Series” and #memoirs of child loss and inspiring others. All of Amy’s books are available on Amazon.


When she was 28, doctors diagnosed her with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)–a degenerative eye disease that eventually causes blindness. Later, she learned she had Usher’s Syndrome, which causes deafness. Having taught in Latin America, South East Asia, and the Middle East, Amy often features glimpses of these and other cultures within her writing.


Although Amy has dual disabilities, she continues to enjoy running, hiking and traveling. She also volunteers with local and national animal rescue organizations. She dips into humor and optimism as she blogs about her challenges as she loses more vision. But more importantly, Withing gratitude and humbleness, Amy shares the lessons God reveals to her through her difficulties.

The author resides in PA.

Amy L. Bovaird


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Books by the Author

A Time to Dance: Finding Joy After Child Loss
Hitting A Home Run
Mobility Matters
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