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Alex Craigie

About The Author

Alex Craigie is the pen name of Trish Power. She wrote short stories for magazines when her children were tiny and, when they started school, she returned to her teaching job where she discovered that the commitment to education and child-rearing left no time to read novels, let alone write them.

Years passed and she became aware of increasing numbers of her mother’s generation shoe-horned into small rooms in care homes. Her visits to these places left her frustrated, sad, and once so angry she didn’t know what to do with herself.

She wrote out her fears, grief and rage in a book called Someone Close to Home. As an Indie author she hadn’t appreciated the difficulty of raising the profile of her book high enough for it to be visible. Fortunately, enough people did find it and wrote reviews that made the experience a worthwhile and rewarding one.


Alex Craigie


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Short Stories by the Author

There Was Nothing I Could Do

There Was Nothing I Could Do

People don’t understand.
It’s stupid to judge someone on their looks.
Just because I’m pretty and have blonde hair doesn’t mean I’m dumb. I make no apology for taking care of myself. I use creams to keep my skin in good condition and choose my make-up to give as flattering a result as possible.

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Books by the Author

Someone Close to Home
Acts of Convenience
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