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Sally Rawhey


God made our hearts  pink, browns and greys, and some of us lighter and of happier shades

God made us so different, yet so very one and the same

God made us creatures of pain, of fear

If we strive away, thinking ourselves tough yet the slightest blow breaks us into tears

God made us love, he planned that we would feel

He placed within our hearts a miracle and let it our for real

God made us able to look in the eyes of hundreds but see warmth in a few

God made us weak at heart to pour his warmth inside us with the morning dew

God made us strangers that we may meet one day

God created us clueless with no map to follow, but guided us all the way

He revealed so little, to shield our minds from going astray

God never ceased to take what we believe is ours,  but only to save for us  a better day

God made us so helpless before destiny, to grant from every loss happiness after misery

God made us poor in health and scarce in wealth, that we may accept that life will end some day

God made us lose our way between the people,  to search for him in our hearts even in its the darkest bay.

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