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The Miracle Lunch Box

Dr Andrew C S Koh

On a day, near the Sea of Galilee, I decided to offer my lunch, consisting of five barley loaves and two fish, to Jesus. Little did I anticipate that this simple gesture would transform into a feast for thousands of people.

As the crowd gathered around Jesus, eager to hear His teachings, I searched for a spot where I could listen attentively. Despite my hunger, I knew that my meager lunch wouldn't suffice for such a number of people. Jesus started to speak. His words captivated us all for hours on end.

As the sun started its descent, hunger began to gnaw at the crowd. Jesus turned to His disciples and inquired about acquiring food for everyone. Philip expressed doubts about the feasibility of feeding such a multitude. It was then that Andrew noticed my lunch box and led me towards Jesus.

With anticipation, I presented Him with my offering. Jesus offered up a prayer to His Father, blessed the food before Him, broke it into pieces, and started distributing it among the crowd. To my amazement, those five loaves and two fish multiplied miraculously, continuously satisfying everyone's hunger. Enough to feed 500 men, and there were even leftovers!

This miracle extended beyond satiating their physical appetite; it touched their hearts deeply and provided them with spiritual nourishment as well. From that day on, I dedicated myself wholeheartedly as a follower of Jesus Christ. Spreading His teachings with unwavering enthusiasm.

Word quickly spread about the event, attracting people from near and far who were eager to witness the power of Jesus. I eagerly shared my account, emphasizing the profound truth that even the smallest offering can hold immense significance in the hands of the Almighty.

The miraculous occurrence, with the lunch box served as a reminder of God's unwavering provision and boundless love. Every time I encounter bread or fish, it instantly brings back memories of that day by the Sea of Galilee.

As time went on, I was fortunate enough to witness an array of miracles performed by Jesus, – healing, feeding, and even raising the dead. However, among all these awe-inspiring events, there was something about the miracle involving that humble lunch box. It reminded me to offer everything I have to Jesus, no matter how small, and trust that He can use it in amazing ways.

Reflecting upon that day fills my heart with gratitude for having been a partaker, in such a divine moment. My simple meal transformed into a testament to God's provision and unending love. Now countless individuals are inspired by this memory – it continues to ignite faith and instill hope within their hearts.

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