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The dream

Luminita Laflash

It's the 1950 in Romania, after the fall of the Romanian monarch, a time of terror for its citizens. The new communist regime is now in power. Influenced by the Russian government, they implemented the Securitate, a police agency used as an instrument of manipulation and control over the country, its economics, education, and even its very culture. Though the communist regime during this time included decades of misery and fear---living in dread, being betrayed and lied to, and deprived of fundamental rights and material necessities ----its attempts to fracture the Romanian culture failed even after the terrifying arrests, torture, and deaths of thousands of people. In 1955 students from Romania fought against the unfair invasion of Russia by voicing their protest and sharing anti-communist ideas, many times to their personal detriment, harm, and even death.Their courage,resilience and pride proved us they were determine to carried on to persevere and not to give up on their country. Even though the Russian troups left Romania a few years later the battle against the communist regime will last till 1989 when the regime finally ended with the Romanian Revolution followed by the beginning of a rebuilding of the country towards democracy.

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