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Karen Nappa

The rules are clearly spelled out in the brochure.

Rule # 1: Don't disturb a scene

Rule # 2: Use your safeword when needed

Rule # 3: Don't fall in love

She’s about to break them all.



“The rules are clearly spelled out in the brochure.”

The words tumbled around in her head. The rules. The rules. The rules! How could she have been this stupid? Everyone who entered the club had to read them. Needed to sign them.

Megan fidgeted with one of the rings on the red leather adorning her wrists and wiggled in her heels. How long had she been standing there? As soon as the DM pulled her away from the scene that caused her predicament, he escorted her to this office and ordered her to wait.

“Why?” She whined, and the only words he spoke to her were “The rules are clearly spelled out in the brochure” before leaving her standing in the middle of the room.

Megan tried to lift the pressure off her feet by shifting her hips, to no avail. How different she had envisioned her night when she fastened the ankle straps of her red shoes. Megan had been so proud of those shoes when she bought them – they were exactly the right color and style to complement her outfit for tonight. Now she cursed them. The heels dug into the underside of her feet like she stood on burning coals. Her toes hurt both from being pressed together and pushed into the front of the shoes. What had made her think feet which were routinely in walking shoes could survive an evening in spiked heels?

Megan scoffed inwardly, way to go and blame innocent shoes for how miserable she felt. Her footwear hadn’t broken the rules – she had!

What would happen to her now? They would punish her, no doubt, but how? Would they kick her out of the club? Tears brimmed in her eyes at the thought of it. No, she couldn’t bear it. It would be catastrophic! The club had a long waiting list and rigorous admission procedures. It took her months to get in. Would she lose it on the first night she set her high-heeled feet over the threshold?

The waiting was unbearable. What took them this long? She wanted to run. No, she couldn’t run. Determination straightened her spine. She lifted her chin in a stubborn tilt and decided she would face her punishment head-on.

Before her resolve crumbled, the door opened, and a man walked into the room. No, he didn’t walk, he strode, eating up distance in purposeful strides. And what a man he was! Over six feet tall, with broad shoulders. He wore black slacks with a silk burgundy shirt. He left the top three buttons open, giving her a prime view of gorgeous espresso skin and corded muscles. Her gaze traveled to his handsome face. A goatee framed sensual lips, and Megan gazed at him, mesmerized as he came to her. He didn’t stop at a polite distance, but he stepped into her personal space and took hold of her stubborn chin with his thumb and forefinger. Blazing almost black eyes from under thick black brows bore into hers. She held her head at an uncomfortable angle as he tipped it backward.

“I understand you need a reminder of the rules, Ms. Newman.”

Her bottom lip quivered, and she sucked it into her mouth to conceal its trembling. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

He let go of her and took a step back.

Her upper body swayed his way lightly, and she teetered on her high heels – again inwardly cursing her choice of shoes. A strong hand shot out and helped steady her. His grip was firm but careful. When he let go of her for a second time, she was prepared for the magnetic pull and braced her knees.

Shane watched the little troublemaker in front of him. As a Daddy Dom and owner of the exclusive BDSM club, he didn’t like submissives who broke the rules by default, but this little one tugged at him with undeniable force. She appeared repentant, and if he was honest with himself – and Shane prided himself on being just that – she was exactly his type. A petite but curvy woman, with big vulnerable eyes and soft, wavy blonde hair, he found very alluring. She was a complete contradiction. She dressed like a submissive, and right now her gaze was lowered demurely like one, too. But – she’d also barged into not one but two scenes tonight, and her behavior was inexcusable. Oddly, he was more intrigued than irritated, and that was something new. What is it about her? He hadn’t noticed anything remarkable in her file.

“Sit down.” Without checking if she obeyed his order, he walked past her and over to his desk. Instead of sitting in his chair behind it, he opted to lean against the desk. Partly because he wanted as little distance between both of them as possible, but mostly because it would emphasize their height difference.

As he’d suspected, she obeyed him and now sat on the edge of the wooden chair in front of his desk. With her knees demurely together, and her hands folded in her lap, she looked like the epitome of a well-behaved little. At least she knows how to follow orders.

Shane folded his arms. “So, Ms. Newman, would you kindly explain why you intervened in not one, but two scenes tonight?”

She shook her head and held her gaze fixed on her hands.

“Ms. Newman, I’m not into so much deference. I leave that kind of power exchange to Master/slave couples. I suggest you look me in the eye.”

Her head snapped up in surprise, and he asked, “How much do you know about BDSM?”

Her head tilted, and she bit her bottom lip. “Um, not very much. I’ve… I’ve read a lot, and…” her voice trailed off, and her shoulders sagged.

He made a warning sound when her eyes drifted down, and she immediately snapped her gaze back to his. Ah, the little minx did want to please him, did she?

She swallowed hard. “I… I read about BDSM in a few romance novels, and, and it intrigued me. It… it put some things into perspective. Why… why I, I didn’t enjoy s… sex, um, the vanilla kind anyway…”

She trailed off again, and he let the silence linger – wanting to hear more. He liked her voice. It was soft and melodic. She seemed so lost, Shane suppressed the urge to pull her into his lap and cuddle her. To his disappointment, she glanced away again, but before he could move or utter a sound, her spine straightened, and she restored her eye contact with him. “I did some research, found Fetlife, and found this club.

“All right, you did research, you went through our introduction course, and waited until you got a spot, and now what – you blow it all away in one night?”

She lost the battle to hold her tears at bay and one dripped over her cheek. Shane tightened his grip on the edge of the desk to avoid hauling her into his arms. Focus, Gillespie. She’s a new member of your club, and she broke the rules – twice! “Well, Ms. Newman, I’m going to give you two choices. Either you accept my punishment, and I’ll wipe your slate clean, or you use ‘red’ right now, leave the club and never return.”

Her chin lifted even as tears ran over her face. “Please punish me, Sir.”

He nodded. “So be it. Take off your clothes, fold them, and place them on the chair – you can leave the heels and the cuffs on.”

Megan slowly rose from the chair. At his casual order to strip, she almost balked but losing her membership after waiting and wanting this long provided a strong incentive to follow his command. She struggled out of her snug dress and folded it neatly. Her bra came next – her nipples hardened into tight buds immediately. She wasn’t sure if it was the air-conditioned room or the press of his dark gaze. She hesitated again but finally lowered her panties and added them to the pile of clothes. She suppressed the urge to cover her groin and breasts like a little girl, by fisting her hands at her sides and, turned to fully face the BDSM Master. While she undressed, he had pulled his chair from behind the desk and settled into it. Even seated, his sheer presence overwhelmed Megan and pulled at her at the same time. Tentatively she stepped forward as he held out his hand to her.

“What’s your safe word?”

Her shoulders relaxed at the reminder before they stiffened. “If I use it, you’ll kick me out.”

He narrowed his eyes and hummed. “How about you use yellow if you need me to slow down?”

She worried her bottom lip. “And I won’t lose my membership?”

“Unless you call ‘red’ and back out of the punishment completely, I won’t ban you from the club, little rule breaker.”

The reminder stung, but his promise eased her stress level – a bit. She took another step forward.

“Do you have any medical issues I need to know about?” His eyes roamed her body, assessing like he could spot problems like an X-ray machine.

Megan shook her head, and – at his arched eyebrow – hurried to say, “No, Sir.”

“All right, turn around and bend over.”

Megan turned away from him and lowered her torso.

He chuckled and grabbed her upper arm. “No, no, no, right here over my knee.”

Her cheeks flamed. He’s going to give me an over-the-knee spanking? She shuffled around in her high heels.

The Club Master adjusted his grip from her arm to around her middle and hoisted her over his lap. “Put your hands on the floor.”

He couldn’t be serious, could he? She turned her head around to watch his face.

“Go ahead.”

She slowly lowered her hands to the floor, which forced her on tiptoes – even in her heels.

He curled his arm around her upper leg, his hold precariously close to her bare pussy, and adjusted her position as if she were a ragdoll.

She tensed when he let go, expecting him to start in on her. Instead, he stroked her back, giving her time to get used to his touch. With a sigh, she relaxed her body.

“There we go.” His voice oozed satisfaction, and as pride filled her heart, arousal took hold of her body.

He landed the first slap right in the middle of her right buttocks, the harsh sound more shocking than the sting. He repeated the swat on the other side. Slap, slap, slap. “Your body just totally relaxed,” he teased, “I’m not sure this is a good punishment for you. How many did I give you?”

Four, five, was it six? Her brain felt sluggish and incapable of computing. “Um, f… four, Sir?”

“Looks like someone needs a lesson in counting, too.” He slowly massaged the globes of her ass, teasingly dipping his finger between the crack. “All right, let’s finish the warmup, so we can get the punishment out of the way.” Again, he peppered her bottom, spreading the building heat.

“Since it’s your first day, I’m going to go easy on you, little rule breaker – you will receive ten slaps about intensity seven on a one-to-ten scale.”

“Seven?” she exclaimed, “…and what was this?” she blurted.

He chuckled. “About a three. Just stay relaxed and accept your punishment gracefully. I want you to count.”

Again, she turned her head, but now she glared at him. “Thanks for telling me to relax, now I’m tense all over.”

He gave her a reproachful stare, which made Megan drop her head and exhale purposefully. She yelped when, with incredible force, his broad hand fell against her skin, jostling her on his lap. Megan braced for the next stinging swat, but it didn’t come. Even when she forced her muscles to go limp, nothing happened. The air thickened as the silence weighed on her. What is he waiting for? Oh … “One, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

He stroked her backside. “I like the sight of my handprint on your ass.” His tone was conversational – like he was discussing the weather. “The ‘thank you’ is a nice touch, keep that.”

He spanked her three times in quick succession, and she inhaled sharply through her teeth. “Two, three, and four, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Before she finished, he landed the first of the set on her now burning backside. Megan let out a sob. “F… five, six, s… seven. Thank you, S…Sir.”

She wasn’t sure she could survive three more and wished he would get it over with, but of course, now he took his time. Her breath came in ragged pants, and all of her senses seemed to have heightened. She was aware of the smooth fabric of his pants beneath her naked body, and the cold hard floor beneath her hands. With every inhalation, his scent reached her – a mix of cologne or aftershave, leather, and male. She could even hear the sound of his calloused hand gliding over her bare skin.

He slapped her right cheek, left cheek, and landed a final last swat on the sensitive crease between her legs and her bottom, and Megan howled in agony. Every last bit of muscle tension fled her body as she went limp and allowed her tears to freely fall. A burden lifted, and she had truly paid her penance.

Megan didn’t know if she had finished counting or how she changed position, but when her tears finally subsided, she found herself snuggled in the Master’s lap with her head pressed into the crook of his neck. She nuzzled his chest and fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, wanting the offending material out of the way to get closer to him. She had almost finished unbuttoning it when he caught on and grabbed her hand with a hearty laugh.

“A rule breaker, you are!” He lifted her off her lap and held her around her waist until she stood steady in her high heels before he let go. “I will let the dungeon monitors know I have punished you properly, and you have a clean slate now.” He gestured to her clothes. “You may dress now.” With deft fingers, he began to close his shirt. “Oh, and Megan…” she peered over her shoulder at him. “Don’t bother putting on those panties.”



“You again?” The dungeon monitor from last week turned his glare from her to the man with the bleeding nose, and back to Megan.

“She’s crazy,” the guy mumbled nasally.

Megan fisted her hands on her hips, winced, and suppressed the urge to shake her right hand. Ouch! “I’m crazy? You grabbed my boob.”

“I stumbled!” His attempt at sounding indignant was muffled behind the handkerchief, pressed against his bleeding nose. “You broke my nose.”

Megan rolled her eyes. That would be the day! Her attention drifted back to the tall man in the red monitor vest. Is he laughing at me?

“All right, Joey, why don’t you go with Maggie and let her take care of your injury.” One of the club submissives stepped forward and silently guided the groper away.

“I think you have anger issues, little subbie.” His words pulled Megan’s gaze his way. He gestured toward the corridor where the private rooms and the office were.

Megan sighed and fell in behind the giant. Even in the Mary Jane shoes she paired with her schoolgirl’s uniform for this night, she struggled to keep up with him. “Hey, slow down.”

In a second, her companion went from irritated amusement into full Dom mode. “’Hey?’ Is this the way you address a Dominant?”

Oh shit! Megan got the distinct impression all the blood left her face, while her brain screamed run, and her libido advised her to fall to her knees and offer to suck his cock. Her body, however, refused to obey any command, and stood frozen in place as she stammered, “No Sir, I’m very sorry, Sir!”

The DM placed a finger under her chin and tipped her head back. “I can understand his infatuation with you.”

Megan blinked in confusion, but before she could ask him to clarify his cryptic statement, the office door swung open, and she stared into the gorgeous face of the Club Owner. Her heart sped at the sight of him.

“Martin, what rule did she break this time?” he addressed the DM without taking his eyes off her.

“Good evening, Master Gillespie. She decked Joey,” Martin answered and ushered her forward, “and just now, she was less than polite to me. I need to get back to the clubroom, but please add a few swats for me.”

“I see…” Master Gillespie mumbled from behind his hand as he stroked his hand over his goatee. “Joey, you say.”

“Yes, Sir.” Martin seemed eager to return to his monitoring job.

Master Gillespie narrowed his eyes. “How many swats would you consider reasonable?”

Martin eyed Megan from her head to her toes and back. “Make it three.”

“All right.” Master Gillespie nodded. “Please, carry on.”

Martin turned on his heels, his long legs carrying him in record time through the hall and back into the main room of the club.

“Ms. Newman, we meet again.” Master Gillespie’s tone gave nothing away, nor did his impassive face. He folded his arms in front of his impressive chest.

Her libido did a happy dance as she remembered last week’s spanking and his aftercare, her heartbeat almost doubled, and simultaneously her brain screamed Final chance! Get out of here, you stupid idiot. Her heart and libido won, and Megan managed a weak, “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Are you?” His eyes narrowed.

She tried not to squirm or fidget with her cuffs.

“Look at you. Trying so hard to conceal your reactions.” He ushered her inside his office and closed the door behind them.

He strode around his desk and settled into the big leather office chair. “Go on, sit.” He opened a manila folder on his desk, and without giving her a second glance, he added, “While you can.”

Megan froze midway in her downward movement, and she balanced a moment in the air before her leg muscles gave out and she plopped on the wooden chair with an audible thud. A quick glance at Master Gillespie told her he seemed still engrossed in the paperwork in front of him – or did the corner of his mouth twitch?

Megan placed her hands between her butt and the chair to avoid fidgeting and diverted herself by counting the floor tiles.

“You, little rule breaker, need to learn to ask for help.” He rose from his chair and walked over to a tall cabinet with several drawers.

Shane purposefully kept his back to the little submissive. Joey was a young Dominant in training and, in his opinion, had gotten what he’d been asking for since he came to the club. This wasn’t the first time the kid had been handsy with a submissive. However, the little one in his office should have called for a dungeon monitor rather than getting violent.

Shane slid the adjustable nipple clamps into his trouser pocket and drawled, “Although the naughty schoolgirl outfit is perfect for you, the clothes have to go.” He closed the drawer with clamps and pulled open the next. His hand lingered above a butt plug, but he decided against it. He did select a short chain before he closed the drawer and turned around.

Completely naked and on bare feet, she stood silently waiting, her gaze fixed on his. Good girl! He appraised her from head to toe, and he lingered there. She had such dainty feet with the cutest toes he’d ever seen. She’d painted her toenails red and added black details to her big toes to make them look like a ladybug. She’s adorable! He stroked the hand not holding the chain over his goatee to conceal his smile.

His gaze traveled up and landed on her perky little breasts. Her nipples pebbled under his scrutiny. Nice!

“Since I don’t want to end up like Joey, I’m going to bind your arms behind your back. Any problems with bondage?”

“No, Sir.”

He walked around her and used the chain to clip the cuffs together. “Comfortable?” He stroked her shoulders, making sure to rest his index finger on the pulsing vein at the side of her neck. Her heart rate seemed to double when she tugged against the chain and couldn’t move her arms from her back, but under his slow caresses, it became less rapid.

Shane completed the circle and halted in front of her. “I want a different agreement than last time. I want you to use a scale from one to ten to tell me how you feel. You can still use ‘red’ to end the punishment, but not yellow.”

“O… okay.”

He arched an eyebrow.

“Okay, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

He loved smart subbies! “One to three indicates you’re comfortable, four to six indicates you’re getting uncomfortable. Seven and above is safeword territory. All right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Use ‘red’ and the punishment ends, along with your membership.”

“I know, Sir.” Her voice was barely audible.

Without warning, Shane placed both his hands on her breasts, and although she jumped and tugged at her cuffs, she didn’t utter a word. He trained his eyes on the fluttering pulse in her neck. “Where are we on the scale?”

“About three, Sir.”

He arched his eyebrow again.

“No, no, really, you startled me, but it… it’s okay now…” The last word ended in a moan when he took both tight buds between his thumb and forefinger and slowly rolled the little pink peaks.

“Like it, do you?”

“Oh, yes, I do!”

He tightened his hold until he knew it hurt, but not a word fell from her lips. “Does it hurt, little one?”

“Yes,” she squeaked and pulled on her cuffs.

“Where are you on the scale?”

“S… six?”

“Are you asking me?”

Tears formed in the corners of her eyes, and she shook her head.

Shane decided to help her – a little. “Looks more like an eight or a nine to me.”

“Y… yes.”

“Say ‘you’re hurting me, Sir. Please ease up.’”

She swallowed hard and repeated his words in a low whisper he strained to hear. Nevertheless, he let up on the pressure and rewarded her with a “Good, girl,” and a soft brush of his lips over hers. When he pulled back, she leaned into him, and he chuckled. “You’re a sweetie, aren’t you? But now, for your punishment.” He pulled the clamps from his pocket and held them in front of her. “I’m going to tighten them until we reach a ‘four,’ and I need you to be honest with yourself and me. Can you do that, Megan?”

“I will try, Sir.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “You will do more than try, little rule breaker.”

He placed the first clamp over one bud and pulled on the nipple. She hissed, and he cocked his head without lessening the pressure.

“Five, Sir.”

He eased a little. “Very good.” He manipulated the screws, his gaze firmly on her face, and the pulse in her neck. Slowly he bent forward and licked the compressed little bud, eliciting a moan from her. “Now that’s a nice sound. Where are we?”

“Two, Sir.”

Shane nodded and clamped the other side, pleased when she indicated her limit without prompting this time. He pressed a kiss on her head and pulled her firmly against him. She gasped when her clamped nipples came in contact with his hard chest, making him chuckle. She stiffened for a moment before relaxing into his arms and he enjoyed the feel of her more than he should.



Megan winced at the last strike of the paddle and clenched her fists. Michael seemed like a great guy, but he truly sucked as a Dom. He pressed his body against her back, a clearly defined erection showing he, at least, was enjoying himself. His arm curled around her waist and to the junction of her thighs. He rubbed ferociously over her clit, the touch painful and not arousing.

Megan struggled to escape his touch but, in doing so, pressed her butt against his straining erection – which Michael apparently took as encouragement.

“Like that, huh, dirty slut?” His movement intensified, and it felt like he used sandpaper on the sensitive bundle of nerves.

She moaned and wiggled, but the guy didn’t get the hint. Can’t the moron feel I’m not wet at all? How can he mistake my sounds of discomfort and evasive movements as arousal? Megan gritted her teeth. She couldn’t get away, and he didn’t seem to get the hint.

“Are you close to coming, whore? Need more paddling?”

Megan shook her head, getting more desperate by the minute, but then an idea struck. “Oh,” she moaned and undulated her hips, “Oh, yeah,” more bucking. “Oh, oh...” She wailed, “Michael, Sir,” and let her body go limp in fake post-orgasmic bliss.

It took all her willpower not to stiffen when she heard a belt buckle and a zipper, followed by the crinkle of a foil package. After some uncomfortable probing and pushing, he forced his cock halfway inside before withdrawing and cursing. “God damn it, you’re as dry as the Mojave Desert!” He pulled away from her and signaled over – oh joy, Martin, the Dungeon Monitor!

Michael took two steps in Martin’s direction, and Megan strained to hear what they were saying but could only grasp fragments over the music and rhythmic sounds of the club – a flogger hitting, someone moaning, a sub crying.

Megan was tired and frustrated, and she wanted to go home. She looked around for someone who might be willing to untie her. She froze when she spotted Master Gillespie striding into the main room. His step faltered as he spotted her, and immediately, he scanned the room for her Dom. When he noticed Michael over with the DM, his gaze returned to her, and he quirked an eyebrow. She let her head hang. No doubt, he would be displeased with her and probably punish her again.

Shane wondered what she had done this time. She provided a vision, nevertheless – hands bound over her head in the bondage frame, her legs spread wide apart and shackled to the posts. He forced his eyes and his mind away from her and strolled over to the two men. “Gentlemen?”

His DM tipped his head, and Michael greeted Shane politely. Michael was one of the younger Doms. He wasn’t very experienced but attended two classes Shane led, and the guy had potential. From the unhappy expression on Michael’s face, the match with the little rule breaker hadn’t been successful.

“Is there a problem?”

Martin pressed his lips in a firm line before replying. “The troublemaker seems to be doing what she does best,” he paused for emphasis, “…making trouble.”

Michael scratched the back of his neck. “I think I’m at fault here, too.” He gave Shane an apologetic look. “I should have noticed she wasn’t into the scene.”

“What happened, did she safeword – why is she still in bondage?” Unconsciously Shane took a step her way but a hand on his arm halted his progress.

“Hold on,” Martin said in a shooting tone, but it did little to appease Shane’s aggravation. “She didn’t safeword, she faked her orgasm.”

Shane bit back a curse and turned his attention to Michael again. “Tell me what happened.”

Despite his growing disappointment and concern, Shane listened to Michael’s retelling of the scene without interrupting, sending sideways glances at the bound submissive. When the young man ended his account, Shane sighed and closed his eyes. Like the two weeks before, Megan seemed incapable of honestly communicating her feelings and wants. Banning her from the club wasn’t an option. There was no doubt in Shane’s mind Megan was submissive. Given her lack of self-preservation and her apparent inability to ask for help, she would be easy prey outside of the safe walls of his club.

He turned his attention to Michael. “Do you want to have a part in her punishment?”

“No, thank you, Sir. Although I would like a moment to talk to her before I hand her over to you.” The young man cocked his head and studied him. “It seems like you’ve taken a special interest in this one.”

Again, Shane admired the young man’s insightfulness – he would make a fine Dom.

“I have.” He clapped Michael on the shoulder. “Let’s not keep her waiting any longer.”

Shoulder to shoulder, they walked over to Megan, who bowed her head before snapping it up and making eye contact with Shane.

“Good evening, little rule breaker. You and I have business to settle, but first, Michael would like a word with you.”

With effort, Megan tore her gaze from his and turned her head towards the other man.

“I’m disappointed you didn’t tell me our scene wasn’t doing it for you, Megan. BDSM is all about honesty and communication. I hope Master Shane can teach you the difference between real and fake submission.” With those words, Michael nodded at Shane and walked away.

Shane folded his arms and frowned at Megan. “Tell me what happened.”

“We… we did a scene and,” her lip trembled, “… it didn’t go so well.”

“And why is that?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Why didn’t you use your safeword?”

She bit her lip and tears formed in her eyes. “I don’t know.”

“Were you afraid he wouldn’t listen?”

Megan shook her head.

“Then, why?”

“I… I think it seemed easier this way.”

“Easier?” He cocked his head. “Really? And how is that working for you?”

The first fat tear fell from her eye onto the floor. “Not. I wanted out of the bondage. I wanted to go home. I didn’t like the scene. I wasn’t aroused, and the name-calling didn’t work for me either.”

“Why didn’t you tell your Dom?”

“Because I didn’t realize it then. Maybe if Michael stopped and asked? To tell you the truth, I don’t know why.”

“Telling the truth is only the start, little one.” His mouth quirked. “All right, we’re going to work on your honesty and your communication abilities.” Shane shrugged out of his jacket and dropped it on the floor beside the scene area.

From a large cabinet, he took clamps, lube, and a big wand with a round head.

“Since you enjoyed the clamps last time, we’re going to use them again,” He gave her an evil smile, “… with a little extra.”

He bent and sucked on her nipples until they blatantly poked from her body. Attuned to her limits now, he quickly fastened the clamps and let the connecting chain dangle against her belly.

“Gorgeous,” he commented.

He rubbed two fingers over her labia, enjoying the slick feel of cream already gathering at her entrance. He wouldn’t need the lube after all. Shane moved his fingers to the hood covering her clit and pinched the skin between his fingers. Megan let out a shuddering sigh that transferred into a moan as he settled the third clamp over the hood. He stroked her butt and thigh as he loosened his hold on the jewel, his eyes fixed on her face.

When she accepted the clamp without complaints, he fastened the nipple clamps to the one on her clit and carefully pulled the chain between them.

Megan let out a surprised gasp and arched her back.

She is perfect in every way!

Shane lifted the powerful vibrator and pushed it against her wide open and exposed pussy, and flipped the switch. Aroused by the clamps, an orgasm started to build in her body, and Shane stayed watchful. First, she began to pant and moan, but the moment she held her breath, he pulled away. Megan opened her eyes.

“That’s one.”

Megan blinked, and creases appeared on her forehead.

Shane pulled on the chain again and pumped two fingers into her slick channel. Every time he pulled the chain, her pussy clenched around his finger, and his erection seemed to jump in time with it, begging to be inside her.

Her head fell back, and Shane withdrew. When she focused bleary eyes on him, he purposefully licked his fingers clean. “Hmm, delicious. Oh, and two.”

She gritted her teeth, but her eyes blazed.

Shane grinned. “For glaring at me, you’ve just earned a little extra. Seems like I need that lube after all.” He went back to the cabinet and selected a small butt plug.

Her eyes widened when she recognized the toy. “What are you doing?”

He snagged his index finger under the chain and pulled. “Remember to be polite, sub.”

She shuddered, and her features softened in submission. “Yes, Sir.”

“Better.” He pressed his erection against her. “Feel what your submission does to me.”

She lifted her face up at him, and he claimed her lips in a tender yet dominant kiss. When he let go, he stroked a finger over her cheek.

Shane prepared her asshole with a copious amount of lube. Since he enjoyed anal sex, he wasn’t about to do anything to put her off. The small plug slid home with ease, and he tapped the pink jewel at the base, setting off a trembling through her body. Again, Shane used the wand to bring her close to climax, leaving her hanging on the precipice.

“This is not fair!” she complained when she got her breathing under control.

“This, little rule breaker, is punishment. Orgasms are too important to fake, don’t you think?”

She sagged against him. “That’s true, Sir. I shouldn’t have lied about it.”

“Good girl.” He kissed her on the top of her head. “Only one more to suffer through.” After her admission, he didn’t want to drag the punishment out any longer, and he used the vibrator to drive her up one final time.

By the time she came down from her almost orgasm, Shane had her out of the bondage frame and carried her into his office. He planned to reward her for taking her punishment so well, and that would happen best in private after she had recovered herself.

He settled in his chair with her in his arms, and she snuggled into his chest trustingly. When she brought her hand to her mouth to suckle on her thumb, it sealed the deal for Shane. He was a goner and she was a keeper! Content with holding her he sat and rubbed her back and swept the sweat-streaked hair from her face.

Slowly Megan grew more aware of her surroundings. At some point, they’d left the main room, but she couldn’t – for the life of her – tell if she walked there or if he’d carried her. A little embarrassed, she pulled her thumb from her mouth and tipped her head back to look at Master Gillespie’s face.

He grabbed a tissue from the box on his desk and dabbed under her eyes —no doubt cleaning her smeared mascara. She hated how she seemed to resemble a raccoon every time they met.

“What am I going to do with you, little one?”

She sniffled. “I don’t know, Sir.”

“Well,” he let out a long sigh. “Since you end up in my office every time you visit my club, I can only come up with one solution.” He placed both his hands at the sides of her face.

She peeked at him from under her lashes. “And what would that be?”

“I’m going to keep you, my little rule breaker!” His mouth landed on hers, Megan swung her arms around his neck and kissed him back with all her heart.



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