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Sam Anthony

She’d had enough. As a rule, She didn’t like to interfere, but now they were just taking the piss. She was too hot, too dirty, and She couldn’t breathe.

Couldn’t they tell? Didn’t they realise everything was dying: the animals, the coral reefs, the rainforests? 

She knew, given enough time, new life would arise. Life better suited to the new environment. Life which thrived on warmer, wetter, weather and air thick with pollutants. But it would take millions of years. She wasn’t willing to choke for millions of years.

She selected a child to speak on Her behalf. To be an envoy. Surely they’d listen to a child. Someone with their whole life ahead of them. The future of the human race.

She told the child what to say. She arranged for the child to deliver Her message to the most powerful leaders in the world.

They listened. They nodded their heads sagely. They made promises. They set targets. And then they went right back to ignoring the problem, citing the economy as their justification.

The economy! They’d rather be rich than have coral reefs. They’d rather have 4K Ultra HD television sets than polar bears. They were idiots.

It was time.

She hadn’t had to do this for sixty-five million years – when the dinosaurs started getting out of hand. Last time it was a meteorite. This time it was going to be a plague. A plague just deadly enough to scare the shit out of them. 

They would have two choices:

A: Carry on as usual and die by the millions as their hospitals became overwhelmed.

B: Shut themselves in their homes for six months, unable to litter, pollute and destroy.

It was now or never.

“What do you think, Greta? Are they going to change their ways and start looking after the environment?”

“No chance.”


“Do it.”

So She did it.

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