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Aromatherapy and the Bible

Diane Kurtz Calabrese

Annotation to uses of aromatherapy and other holistic remedies that have been persecuted in the name of new age––excerpt in my book, Mind, Body, Spirit and Discovering the Purpose of Life “Aromatherapy is a complimentary––holistic therapy that treats the mind- body-spirit. It is an alternative therapy––intended to provide a holistic approach to healing. Aromatherapy enhances the physical environment for healing, tranquility, peace, health, and wellness while allowing for measurable outcomes. It is an evidenced based form of alternative medicine in which these healing effects are found in the compounds of essential oils and other plant extracts.”

“The compounds are derived from plants, ––and it is essential in that it carries a distinct scent. Essential oils help with a wide variety of ailments including––anxiety, depression, pain, mood swings, hypertension, digestive issues, low immunity, viruses, infections, bacteria, and fungi.” Frankincense, for example “––comes from a thorny shrub. Its aroma is spicy, warm, ––and is great for grounding. Its therapeutic usesinclude relief of skin diseases, circulation, hemorrhoids, coughs and colds, bronchitis, rheumatism, urinary tract infections, general tonic, mental fatigue, and depression. It is an ancient remedy for illness, stability, and to ward off evil. It is often used as incense in many churches and cathedrals.”

Author’s note––Frankincense has been used as an anointing oil and a natural antiseptic since biblical times. Although some religious churches see aromatherapy as new age––and therefore, it cannot be used for healing or wellness purposes––this is false doctrine. No where in the Bible does it say aromatherapy is a sin. The only sin is in worshipping anything or person other than God––Jesus Christ.

For in the Bible it states––“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”–Romans 8:28

Don’t get caught up in false propaganda associating items that may be used in new age––that formulate beliefs or agendas against God. Every natural remedy we use on this earth is and was created by God.

God created this beautiful world and earth––many are holistic medicines as well as traditional medicines––as-long-as it comes from the earth to aid in positive health and wellness, it is not a sin.

Your individual intention for using anything on this planet for the greater good of your health and wellness with the gratitude for God, and––his creations are all that matters.(17) Aromatherapy and the Bible | LinkedIn

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