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Top April Reads

Hello April

April is a great month to start reading a new book. As the winter months come to a close and spring is blooming, it's the perfect opportunity to curl up with a good read and get lost in a new story. Whether you're looking for a thrilling adventure, a heartwarming romance, or an insightful non-fiction book, there are countless options to choose from

Tier Zero: Vol. I of the Knolan Cycle

Tier Zero

Most stories about first contact with aliens assume that we will easily recognize when it happens, and that the aliens will likely be hostile. However, in "Tier Zero: Volume I of the Knolan Cycle," first contact with an alien race actually occurred 31 years ago, and nobody on Earth, or "Kurrithaal" as the Knolans call it, seems to have realized it. Life goes on as usual, but for Martin Tellus, things are about to change. As for the motives behind the Knolans' contact, it's not so simple. "Tier Zero" is the first book in a series that introduces readers to cultures that are both incredibly different and surprisingly similar to our own.


Devil's Kiss: A Small Batch Mystery, Book 1

Devil's Kiss

Rook Campbell is facing multiple challenges in her life: she's broke, divorced, unemployed, and struggling to find a steady job in Rothdale, Kentucky. However, with the help of her friend Bryan, she secures a promising position at the Four Wild Horses Distillery, where she also meets an attractive coworker who catches her eye. Finally, things seem to be looking up for Rook. But her newfound stability is short-lived as her coworker dies under suspicious circumstances and a valuable shipment of bourbon goes missing.

To make matters worse, Rook's personal life starts to unravel as her beloved grandmother falls ill. While she used to rely on her ex, Cam, for support, his new fiancee's jealousy creates obstacles. As the body count rises, Rook finds herself drawn into the mystery of who's behind the crimes, or else she may become the next victim.


Asylum of Diction

Asylum of Diction

Are you someone who struggles to commit to reading a full-length novel? If so, then this book is perfect for you! It's a unique compilation of various short stories and novellas, all gathered together into one large novel for your reading pleasure. Each story is designed to captivate and entertain, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Prepare to shed tears as you become emotionally invested in the characters and their struggles. Get ready to cringe as you experience moments of tension and suspense. And be prepared to smile as you encounter heartwarming moments of joy and happiness. This book has it all!


The Bridles of Armageddon 2nd Edition

The Bridles of Armageddon

In this thrilling action/adventure novel, the nation is torn apart by a violent cultural war fueled by a right-wing demagogue who believes he is on a mission from God to trigger the Battle of Armageddon. Frustrated by what he sees as the nation's moral decline and outraged by the election of a liberal President, millions of people rally behind him, turning terrorism into all-out warfare.

Amidst the chaos, Drew Covington, a nationally syndicated conservative columnist, and Shawna Forester, a liberal schoolteacher, find themselves unwittingly caught up in the escalating conflict. As the battle lines are drawn, they must each decide where they stand and what they are willing to fight for. Can they find common ground in a world torn apart by ideology and violence?

As the stakes get higher and the nation teeters on the brink of destruction, Drew and Shawna grapple with their own beliefs, loyalties, and the consequences of their choices. Will they join the forces seeking to bring their vision of heaven to earth, or will they resist the destructive spiral of war and division?

In this gripping thriller, the characters are faced with tough moral dilemmas and must navigate a dangerous and rapidly changing landscape where the line between right and wrong, truth and deception, becomes blurred. With its pulse-pounding action and thought-provoking themes, this novel explores the consequences of extremism, the power of conviction, and the complexities of navigating a world torn apart by ideological differences.


Never Steal from Dragons: Pixiepunk #1

Never Steal from Dragons

In the city of Hub, where treachery and deceit reign supreme, Gelsey, a skilled pixie thief, is renowned for her abilities. But when a routine smash and grab job leads to an unexpected encounter with a powerful dragon, Gelsey finds herself recruited into a crew of elite criminals handpicked by the dragon.

Her crewmates are a diverse group of individuals, each with their own unique skills and motivations. There's Silai, a cunning con artist with a deadly secret; Kelthar, a self-destructive mage; Aikila, a determined smuggler seeking vengeance for her father's murder; Nyx, a skilled hacker coming off a failed run; and Lorcan, a hardened mercenary whose child is being held hostage. Bound by the dragon's command, they are forced to work together to accomplish an impossible task: infiltrate a fortress that has never been breached in Hub's history. Failure is not an option, as the consequences are dire and deadly.

This captivating blend of fairy tale and Cyberpunk delivers all the elements of a classic crime caper. With nods to renowned authors Elmore Leonard and Neil Stephenson, the story takes readers on a thrilling ride through a world where magic and technology intersect, and pixies add a touch of mischief. As the crew faces perilous challenges and races against time, the stakes escalate, and the tension mounts. The story is infused with the imaginative flair of a D&D adventure in a pixie-infested bar, and the excitement continues to build past the final call.

Acclaimed author Kat Richardson, known for her bestselling Greywalker novels, lauds this novel as a wild mix of genres that hits all the right notes. With its captivating characters, high-stakes heist plot, and unique blend of fantasy and science fiction elements, this novel offers readers a thrilling and immersive reading experience that will leave them eagerly anticipating the next installment.


The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs

The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs

Eddie Kovacs carries the weight of unresolved trauma from his time as an investigative partner in Vietnam and the bitterness of being dismissed from his job as a DA's investigator. However, a chance at redemption arises when the sheriff of Chatham County, Georgia, offers him an opportunity to find a drug dealer before the DEA exposes a scandal that could jeopardize the sheriff's political ambitions.

As Eddie races against the clock, he becomes entangled in a dangerous web of deception, pursued by rogue CIA contractors and pursued by the DEA. In his pursuit of the truth, he sets a trap for his suspect and makes a shocking discovery - a doctor who is assisting terminally ill patients in ending their lives with the help of a woman named Madeleine. Despite the conflicting emotions and ethical dilemmas that arise, Eddie finds himself drawn to Madeleine, even as it feels like a betrayal of his badge and his duty.

As the DEA investigation threatens to unravel the doctor's enterprise and Eddie delves into two murder cases separated by decades, the novel takes on a compelling and suspenseful love story at its core. With themes of unexpiated guilt, personal freedom, and the enduring connection between the past and the present, Nemeth's novel delves into complex moral dilemmas that will resonate with fans of acclaimed authors Paula Hawkins and Jodi Picoult.

Through Eddie's journey to uncover the truth and confront his own demons, readers are taken on a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition, where the lines between right and wrong blur, and the consequences of one's actions ripple through time. Nemeth's skilled storytelling and compelling characters create a gripping narrative that will keep readers hooked until the very end, pondering the intricacies of morality and the choices we make in the pursuit of justice.


Steps Forward

Steps Forward

Rosa Santori despises being told what to do, as her life has been shaped by limitations imposed on her. However, her plans for the future are drastically altered after a car accident, and she must now fight for survival.

Laura Falifax, a psychology intern at Remington Hospital, is facing challenges in her personal life as well. Her husband is resentful of her recent success and actively campaigns against her, hoping to see her fail and remain confined in their sheltered existence.

In the midst of struggle, Rosa and Laura cross paths. Despite their differences, with Rosa's rebellious nature and Laura's kind and gentle demeanor, they find themselves in a place where their challenges become a source of inspiration and motivation for change. Can these two individuals, with their contrasting personalities, work together? Or will life's obstacles hinder their opportunities for growth? The novel explores the possibility of collaboration between sternness and compassion, and how life's circumstances can shape and transform individuals.


A New Game

A New Game

Many people dream of living out their favorite romance movie, with the perfect partner, house, and life. Angel Rivera is no exception, as he enjoys watching romance movies. However, he soon realizes that watching romance movies and living a romantic story are two very different things.

Angel's roommate, Quinn Lang, drops a bombshell when his wealthy adoptive parents visit for dinner. Quinn is expected to marry before he turns thirty in order to inherit his family's wealth. In a panic, Quinn declares that he's already engaged - to Angel!

Wait, what?

To save Quinn's reputation and dignity, Angel agrees to go along with the charade, but demands half of Quinn's inheritance as compensation. However, there's a complication - Rachel. Angel has been casually dating Rachel for three years, and his growing feelings for Quinn create a new challenge. Not everyone is thrilled about the upcoming wedding as expected, and Angel must navigate the pressures of being with the "rich and snobbish" crowd while sorting out his conflicting emotions.

Will Angel be able to survive the challenges that arise and sort out his true feelings before it's game over, or will his romantic journey come to a halt before he even walks down the aisle?


Somewhere Different Now: Coming of Age, Interracial Friendship, and the Search for Courage

Somewhere Different Now

An interracial friendship that is cherished is suddenly threatened when a creepy imposter from the past appears. Fourteen-year-old Annie Cahill, who has suffered abuse from her father, accidentally damages her father's kitchen sink and is violently beaten. Determined to find her own safe space, Annie discovers an abandoned shelter in a cave, which she names "Annie's Place." However, she soon discovers that a Black girl named Clydeen has taken over her hideout. Despite the risks of her father's racism, Annie befriends Clydeen and steals food for her. Against all odds, they form a strong bond. But as their time on the mesa comes to an end, old fears and misunderstandings resurface, and their friendship begins to unravel. Then, a stranger invades their encampment, leaving Annie and Clydeen wondering about the stranger's motives and what it will mean for their future. Dive into this captivating tale of forbidden friendship set in a post-World War II era marked by white supremacy. To learn more, get a copy of the book today.


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We hope you've enjoyed one (or hopefully a few) of the Top April Reads we've presented you with! Please don't hesitate to share your comments below on your favorite book from this list.

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