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How to Market your Amazon Ebook before you Launch it (Steps 4-7)

This article will include steps 4-7, find the rest by clicking the links below:

How to Market your Amazon Ebook before you Launch it (Steps 8-10)

4. Email Marketing Automation Campaigns

When you start to induce lead information from folks that are genuinely inquisitive about your upcoming book, it’s the right opportunity to remain involved.

Send out regular emails in order to keep people posted on the progress of your book, more pre-launch campaigns you’re running, new blog posts and to ask people to interact with you on your social sites too.

You can even channel pre-written emails to be triggered and delivered at timed intervals with email marketing automation campaigns. That way you'll be able to pre-plan your emails and will not need to worry if you are engaged with the various other tasks you have got occurring in your life and happen to forget to relay your bi-weekly or weekly messages.

The more people get to understand you and your work, the more likely they're going to want to shop for your book to support your efforts.

Additionally, from a marketing perspective, email marketing automation campaigns keep building up the excitement about your book launch. If you'll be able to copulate well, more people would be lining up to shop for your book on its all-important first day. And, as mentioned above, the more sales you get in an exceedingly short time, the higher chance you have got of getting noticed on a bestselling list.

How to Market your Amazon Ebook: Launch

Now that you already have an excited, intrigued and super-engaged future readership, you’re getting near to having a successful book launch. It does take about 24 hours for your book to appear on Amazon - and other sites like iBookstore, Nook Press and Kobo can take a tad bit longer. Prepare yourself, that there would be some more steps before you can press that ‘publish’ button.

5. Make an Ebook Landing Page

Create a landing page on your website where you give your ‘book blurb’ showing the highlights of your book and creating the hook. Include your book cover image and book trailer, if you’ve made one, of course.

If you've got e-commerce or payment gateway abilities on your site, link the Call-to-Action button (your ‘Buy Now’ button) to that, so people could and should purchase directly from you. Or link it to your Amazon KDP book page once live.

We highly recommend you create your landing page ahead to your launch. That way you’re not super stressed and rushed to create a rushed marketing page. Keep it private until the release day.

Once your book has been vetted through KDP and is live, make your ebook landing page public.

By having an ebook landing page on your website (whether you’re selling your book directly or through Amazon), you give yourself more marketing opportunities to push your book and drive traffic to your site. You'll be able to make Google Adwords or Facebook Ads that link on to your website, for instance.

6. Announce your Book Release

Just like a standard business would, you must promote your ebook with a release or a minimum of a piece of writing on your blog announcing the official launch of your KDP ebook.

Pitch your book to publications that are read by your specific niche readership. This might include:

  • Online publications in your niche (if your book is about surfing - pitch to surfing sites, for example)

  • Popular (or engaged) blogs associated with your book's subject

  • Local newspapers and online publications (create an announcement with a ‘local author’ spin)

  • Advanced tip: you may also syndicate your promulgation through PR sites (there are generally costs related to these), or sign on for HARO (help a reporter out) to pitch your release when a journalist is trying to find a story a bit like yours.

Be sure to inform your email contacts to share your great news and generate a buzz with those that are already fascinated by your work.

7. Promote your Amazon KDP Ebook to your Email Leads and Social Media!

Once you’ve hit the publish button on Amazon KDP, send out a series of personalized emails to your entire prospect database.

Send out your first email before your book is live. Let your engaged readership know that your book is only hours away from being shipped to the Kindle store. Build anticipation by reminding your readers of all the work you’ve done and therefore the benefits they’ll get from reading your work.

As soon as your book is live to tell the tale on Amazon, send out a second email, with a link leading to your NEW book! Now’s the time you actually want to push the sale. If you can get even 30 books to sell on your launch day, you’re likely making it to a best selling list (and you already know the advantages of such a list).

Over the following few days, keep sending out emails along with your excitement. Tell your readers about any updates you’ve had during your book's launch. If you received press coverage - brag about it. If a reader reviewed your book, tell people about it (and encourage other customers to try and do the same).

Promote your launch on all of your social media sites too. Include the link to your Amazon page in order to make buying your book easier.

How to Market your Amazon Ebook: Post-Launch

Once your book is launched, and you’ve successfully made it on a minimum of one sub-genre bestselling list, you continue to have plenty of opportunities to stay promoting your masterpiece. In fact, the marketing is simply beginning.

There are many ways to push your ebook online. We’ll offer you our top three best methods of connecting with the proper readership and getting more copies of your book sold.

This article will include steps 4-7, find the rest by clicking the links below:

How to Market your Amazon Ebook before you Launch it (Steps 8-10)

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