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Young Americans

Young Americans


Peter Rush


Crime, Fiction, Mystery

Publish Date

September 12, 2020

Short Description

Tommy Logan is a small-time pot dealer when his new girlfriend Sandy introduces him to Harry Burr, an ex-con who promises to show him how to make big money. Tommy, eager for the opportunity, figures he can stay one-step ahead of Harry, but can he?


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In 1975, Tommy Logan, a young college dropout, is making money selling pot to his friends. His new girlfriend, Sandy Carlton, bored with her privileged life, is seeking action and adventure. She introduces Tommy to Harry Burr, a diamond dealer she met through her father. However, Harry is much more - a con man, pimp and ex-con. He promises to show Tommy how to make big money.

Tommy and his partner Sal Lombardi are interested in getting rich. When Tommy goes to Atlanta, he finds that Harry’s life is more complicated than he imagined. Elsie, one of Harry’s former girls lives with him along with Kippi, his ten-year-old daughter. George, a merchant seaman with an evil side, is Harry’s muscle.

To win his trust, Harry gives Tommy a package of diamonds as collateral against future deals. After doing a few small transactions, Tommy agrees to go to Bogota, Colombia with Harry. The plan is simple, smuggle a few kilos of cocaine into the US in custom luggage. The deal goes through, but Harry is busted in Puerto Rico for a crime he didn’t commit. Tommy and Sandy, frightened by the turn of events, go into hiding. When Sal is left out of the deal, he becomes a liability by using harder drugs.

Back in Atlanta, Tommy notices that Kippi has become withdrawn after spending time with George. Unwilling to let the change pass, Tommy confronts Harry who denies anything has happened. Tommy takes matters into his own hands.

Convinced that he needs to get out of the partnership with Harry, Tommy agrees to a second trip to Colombia for a million dollar deal using Harry’s crazy dentist as a cover. Sandy insists on coming with him. Things don’t go as planned. Tommy and Sandy are arrested and Harry disappears.

When Tommy and Sandy finally get home, Harry has a nasty surprise waiting...

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Peter Rush

Peter Rush


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