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Wyrd Gods

Wyrd Gods

Timelessness Book 1


Susana Imaginário


Fantasy, Dark, Humor Fiction, Mythological, Mystery, Psychological, Suspense, Science Fiction, Satire Fiction, Romance, Fiction

Publish Date

August 22, 2019

Short Description

The Greek Goddess of the Soul needs to find her way out of the Norse Underworld before the end of Eternity.


The Winner

Book's Awards


A mysterious immortal seeks vengeance.

And a reclusive deity does what no god should ever do: she answers a prayer.


As punishment, she is stripped of her powers and trapped in a mortal's body.
Now a Wyrd – a fated god – she is haunted by the memories and thoughts of her host and must hide her true identity in order to survive in Niflheim, the rival Norse Underworld.
There she discovers the afterlife is not quite what it used to be. Niflheim's new ruler threatens the precarious balance of a world overrun with outcast deities and mortals alike.
To save her own sanity and find her way back to the stars, she must help the other Wyrd overcome their grievances to defeat this enemy, but those who would be her allies appear to have motives as hidden as her fragmented consciousness.

And yet it seems the greatest threat to her freedom comes from within, and the prize it seeks is her immortal soul...

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Susana Imaginário

Susana Imaginário


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