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Willow Ashwood and the Dragons

Willow Ashwood and the Dragons

A story for teenagers and grown-ups


Eva Elizabeth Rea


Fiction, Teen and Young Adult, Fantasy, Psychological

Publish Date

May 28, 2020

Short Description

Willow Ashwood is sad because her parents fight at home, but play happy families in front of other people. Running, love of dogs and belief in the extraordinary help Willow when she is sad.


A homeless dog takes Willow to a sanctuary where good dragons and other fantastic creatures dwell. In that amazing place, Willow befriends other kids. But staying there is not always safe, as external forces wish them harm.


This gripping psychological fantasy novel will help teenagers and grown-ups to talk openly about their problems, improve their self-esteem and achieve their goals. Let Willow show you the way.


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Willow is unhappy at home. Her mother is a psychologist who was brought up in a children’s home. When Willow's mother is in the grip of strong emotions, she pushes her Willow away.


At school, many children view Willow as a 'weirdo'. Feeling isolated and lonely, she tells her Georgian house about her problems. Over the years, the old house learned how to chat with humans. The house - a member of the Order of the Custodians (kind humans, dragons and animals) - directs Willow to a sanctuary for unhappy kids.


The Custodians have to defend themselves against attacks from the Nastorians (openly nasty beings) and the Pretenders (Nastorians in disguise). The Pretenders operate the Elite Alliance, through which they control people and organisations. There are repeated attempts by the Pretenders to trap Willow.

Children stay in the sanctuary during school holidays. After returning home, Willow enjoys a support network of members of the Nobody's Club for Children with Sad Eyes.

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Eva Elizabeth Rea

Eva Elizabeth Rea


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