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Wild Awakening

Wild Awakening

A Springfield Small Town Romance


Constance Ruth Clark


Fiction, Romance, Contemporary

Publish Date

September 15, 2022

Short Description

Frank doesn't see the need for carnal relations, preferring to keep any relationships clinical. But that was before he ran into his high school crush. Now he can't help wondering if he's been missing out.
Becky feels like her heart was shattered when her husband was killed in a car accident three years ago. Her family and friends are pushing her to move on, so she's trying but her heart remains closed. It isn't until she bumps into Frank that she feels a spark of interest.


The Winner

Book's Awards


She's the one he's waited for.

Frank is determined not to be like his cheating father and keeps a tight rein on his desires. But when he runs into his high school crush after fifteen years the spark he thought long dead bursts into flame.

Becky hasn't been interested in a man since her husband's death three years ago. Then Frank comes back to Springfield, and he's not her brother's shy, awkward, geeky, friend anymore. He's grown into an irresistible man who claims he's never been kissed.

Showing him the ropes proves irresistible...but can she risk her heart?

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Constance Ruth Clark

Constance Ruth Clark


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