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Why Ruin Another Life

Why Ruin Another Life


Anthony Weathers Author


Fiction, Drama, Historical, Suspense, Urban, Women, Psychological

Publish Date

April 28, 2023

Short Description

A gripping story and narrative unfolds as an unsuspecting Black woman ignites a chain reaction of profound consequences...


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Anthony Weathers was told a story years ago. Upon hearing it, he felt compelled to write a novel based on the true events. This novel delves into themes of domestic abuse and violence, shedding light on the social taboos and inequalities of the time. Step into the haunting world of Why Ruin Another Life, a riveting tale that transports you to 1950s Black Mississippi. 

Brace yourself for a captivating generational odyssey where a single event had the power to reshape destinies. Witness the gripping narrative unfold as an unsuspecting Black woman ignites a chain reaction of profound consequences, forever altering the lives of her daughter, granddaughter, and all those caught in the tempestuous whirlwind.

Prepare to be swept away by the thunderstorm of repercussions that echoes through generations, teaching valuable yet painfully expensive lessons along the way.

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Anthony Weathers Author

Anthony Weathers Author


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