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When a Prety Woman Smiles

When a Prety Woman Smiles


T. V. LoCicero


Fiction, Romance

Publish Date

January 22, 2014

Short Description

When his New York agency decides Americans are yearning for the simple life, hot-shot adman Tony Rice faces six weeks of secret research in small town Iowa. With wild lies he romances both sexy Martina and lovely Laurel. But when fickle Tony falls hard for one of them, his life flips upside down.

“Mad Men meet Where The Heart Is in this delicious romantic comedy…Charming, tender and wonderfully written.”—Victoria Best

“…sweet, endearing and thoughtful”—Sally Jessica Hvid


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This small town novel begins in Manhattan. Tony Rice is a handsome liar. Actually, as he sees it, working on Madison Avenue he lies for a living. And when his high-powered ad agency decides that Americans are yearning for the simple life and an exit from the rat race, hot-shot Tony and his research team are forced into a secret mission: six weeks of undercover work in sleepy little Maddox, Iowa.

Not exactly his dream assignment, but when not one but two pretty women smile at him, Tony soon finds himself romancing both sexy Martina and lovely Laurel, with, of course, a mounting series of wild lies.

Back with the team in New York, the usually fickle Tony finds he’s fallen hard for one of those small town sweethearts back in Maddox. But when he returns to what he hopes will be open arms, Tony finds only rejection. Feeling badly betrayed, the love of his life says he can never be trusted again. So now what? With his life in a shambles, Tony must do nothing less than fix his flawed and broken heart.

“Mad Men meet Where The Heart Is in this delicious romantic comedy, when a hard-hearted advertising exec falls for the woman of his dreams and the small town of his nightmares. Charming, tender and wonderfully written.”—Victoria Best, Tales from the Reading Room

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T. V. LoCicero

T. V. LoCicero


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