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Welcome Home

Welcome Home


Bonnie Phelps



Publish Date

June 12, 2019

Short Description

She’s fighting to make a name for herself in a man’s world. He’s fighting to right the wrongs of his father. She doesn’t trust men who keep secrets from her. His life is filled with secrets. She’s the boss. He is her employee. Do these two have a chance at a happily ever after?


The Winner

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She’s building a future. He’s chasing the truth. Can two wounded hearts open a window to trust?

General contractor Jess Winters had to work twice as hard to make it to the top of her male-dominated field. So her sterling reputation can’t handle any mistakes in front of the guys—which means absolutely no dating co-workers. But the strong, silent type she’s just hired makes her want to break her own rules.

Devin Miller isn’t proud of where he came from. As a recovering addict and the son of a swindler, he’s out to right the wrongs and redeem his family name. But it pains him to keep his identity a secret from his sexy new boss.

As their red-hot attraction builds, his dark secrets and her self-doubt threaten to reduce their budding passion to rubble. And a shocking discovery connecting their pasts could demolish it beyond repair…

Can Jess and Devin renovate their relationship for a chance at happily ever after?

Welcome Home is the first book in the enchanting Building on Love contemporary romance series. If you like smart women, sizzling chemistry, and journeys of redemption, then you’ll adore Bonnie Phelps’ heartwarming novel.

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Bonnie Phelps

Bonnie Phelps


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