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Void of Course

Void of Course

Book One in the Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams Series


Carole Ann Moleti


Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Dark, Urban

Publish Date

May 26, 2022

Short Description

The dhamps and weres want the witch, and her partner is into sex magick. Taina wants revenge, and she's got the fairies on her side.


The Winner

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Taina's search for the murderers uncovers a vast werewolf/dhampir conspiracy--and an alliance of fae to aid in her quest for justice. But she needs more than the elderly santera who teaches her mysterious Santeria rituals.


She enters into an uneasy alliance with Arnaldo Arroyo, a reformed addict turned community activist who schools her his own special mix of sex magick and brujería.

The truths she uncovers shake her faith in everything and everyone she ever knew.


Will she give up and run? Or will she accept the mandate of the orishas, restore the balance between good and evil--and take back the neighborhood?

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Carole Ann Moleti

Carole Ann Moleti


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